“It absolutely disgusts me!” – MTG blasts Democrats for defaming the former President and his family over nothing but politics re Jan 6th

Marjorie Taylor Greene had a great moment on the House floor today, blasting Democrats for defaming former President Trump and his family over nothing but nasty politics regarding January 6th:

Here’s what she said:

There is something terrible happening in this process and it’s called defamation of character! The 45th president of the United States’ character is being defamed. And all of his staff and his family and all Republicans. Everyone’s reputation is being defamed as lies are being told about all of us and President Trump, just for politics. And it just makes me sick! It absolutely disgusts me!

If we are supposed to represent the American people and we’re supposed to do a good job and uphold this place with honor and keep its reputation good for the people we serve, then we should be truthful. But what’s about to happen tonight is not going to be truthful. It’s going to be a political narrative and it’s all for politics and it is sickening.

I love MTG’s courage. She’s been embattled from day one as a congresswoman and she’s never backed down from following through with her convictions. She’s not the only one, but she’s clearly part of a rare group of Republicans who really don’t care what others say about her. She’s become a favorite target of the left and she just keeps going.

So when I hear her expound so passionately on this nasty political smear campaign, orchestrated by Pelosi and carried out by her Democrat henchmen, I am not at all surprised. Because that’s who she is and I’m so glad she’s in Congress. Can’t wait to see what she does after November when her committee assignment are given back to her.

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