“It actually worked!” David Hogg gives game away as globalist group to TRACK gun purchases under NY bank, Dems demands.

The International Organization for Standardization is based in Geneva and is made up of standards organizations in a lot of countries. And they just voted to implement a TRACKING code on sales of firearms. This is obviously targeted at the United States, and of course it was prompted by the radical American left.

From Reuters:

An international standards body has approved creation of a merchant code for gun retailers, a representative said on Friday, following pressure from activists who say it will help track suspicious weapons purchases.

At a meeting this week, a subcommittee of the International Organization for Standardization approved what is known as a “merchant category code” for firearms stores, a spokeswoman said.

The decision by the Geneva-based nonprofit was long sought by advocates of tighter gun regulation, such as U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats including New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

And David Hogg gives the game away in his reaction.

“It actually worked” is the giveaway that this is nakedly bypassing legislation to attack gun owners.

So of course Letitia James loves it. From NYT:

Letitia James, the New York attorney general, called the decision “a big victory,” adding, “I urge credit card companies to take the next step and flag suspicious transactions on gun and ammunition sales, like they do for fraud and money laundering.” Many of the banks and credit card companies in question are based in New York.

Look what this does is simple: Credit card companies and merchants will be able to distinguish a gun purchase from, say, a fishing rod when you buy it at a store that sells both. It also tracks how much YOU are buying guns, which ones, and where. And law enforcement and the government? Well they are SALIVATING to get their hands on that, which will NOT be a problem.

And that bank? The one Hogg is mentioning? Yeah guess what they are going to use it for:

Amalgamated Bank made an application to ISO for the code this spring, arguing that it was necessary to identify credit risk.

It’s for tracking, and it’s also for shunning and purging.

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