IT BEGINS: Democrat calls for packing federal courts to undo Trump legacy

A House Democrat is now calling for the expansion of the lower federal courts because Trump got so many nominations into the federal court system:

DC EXAMINER – California Rep. Ted Lieu on Wednesday called for Congress to expand federal courts after former President Donald Trump pushed many circuits rightward during his tenure.

Lieu noted in a tweet that circuit courts have not been expanded since 1990, when the United States population was 249 million people. Since then, he said, the population has grown to more than 330 million, meaning that “it is time to increase circuit (and district) judges.”

Lieu singled out the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, where Trump hacked away at a liberal majority, for mention. Expansion of that is not an unprecedented suggestion. In 2019, the court’s judiciary’s policy arm, the Judicial Conference, asked Congress for five more circuit court judges, as well as 65 more district court judges.

Trump, in his final years, narrowed a liberal majority in the 9th Circuit from a margin of 11 judges to three. An expansion would effectively wipe out those gains, which are already in peril by the prospect of President Biden restocking the court with liberal judges.

Leiu is couching this in ‘population growth’, but we all know he’s only advocating this because Trump put so many judges onto the federal courts, thanks to Senate. He wouldn’t be saying this if Trump hadn’t been successful.

This is just another example of how Democrats NEVER play fair. When these authoritarians lose power, they just can’t stand it and want to change the rules so that they never lose again. And of course, they have the MSM to cover for them which they gladly do. And you can expect the MSM to cover for Leiu and all of his court packing advocates in this case at well. They won’t tell the truth, they’ll just help Democrats push their agenda with the American people.

It’s all despicable.

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