CHAOS: Caravan members STORM border, cops throw tear gas, close point of entry [PHOTOS,VIDEO]

The border war began in earnest today as a “coalition” of social justice warriors and migrant advocacy groups organized a “show of force”, as the AP put it, to storm the point of entry at San Ysidro, California.

Carrying signs and chanting, the marchers from the southern side were stopped shy of the actual crossing by Mexican police in riot gear. On the northern side, they marched and chanted and carried the same signs. And they had a list of demands.

It was intended to be peaceful, and the initial march was over fairly quickly. Inbound traffic from Mexico and outbound traffic to Mexico were halted entirely by border patrol on both sides. The way was shut.

But then things broke loose. After the organized march fell apart, migrants began storming the border, thrashing through the river, running full tilt, dragging children with them. Tear gas was released. And the situation is ongoing.

And all of it, caught on video and in photos shared on Twitter but barely blipping on the news.

Take a look:



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