‘It PAINS me to say it… but TRUMP IS RIGHT’ – CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on refugee system

OK I have to admit that as much as I watch politics and pay attention to stuff in the media, there’s few things out there that I can learn something new from. This video is actually very informative.

Zakaria admits that there are problems with the refugee system and gives a little history lesson about it. At the beginning, he literally says that it pains for him to admit that Trump is right.

And this is what drives me insane. The media will protect the idiotic statements made by Democrats that make absolutely no sense. There is a real debate to have about immigration and how to implement our laws in a humane and safe fashion. But we’re NOT HAVING that debate because the media just makes Democrats look like heroes and us look like villains.

And again, as much as we complain when the media is unfair to conservatives or to Trump or to the right, we have to applaud when they’re honest and admit we’re right. Good for Fareed Zakaria.

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