“It’s a different issue” – Fauci dismisses ‘border crossers’ being tested for COVID

Fauci was asked today by Peter Doocy about the potential new testing requirements for people coming into the country, and if that would be for ‘border crossers’. Fauci dismissed it as a different issue:

Here’s a quick transcript:

Peter Doocy: “As you advised the president about the possibility of new testing requirements for people coming into this country, does that include everybody?”

Fauci: “The answer is yes. Because you know that the new regulation…is that anybody and everybody who is coming into the country needs to get a test within 24 hours of getting on the plane to come here.”

Doocy: “But what about people who don’t take a plane, and just these border crossers coming in in huge numbers?”

Fauci: “You know that’s a different issue. For example, we still have Title 42 with regard to protection at the border. So there are protections at the border that you don’t have the capability, as you know, of somebody getting on a plane, getting checked, looking at a passport. We don’t have that there. But we can get some degree of mitigation.”

Maybe I’m wrong, but many illegals turn themselves into Border Patrol in order to get into the country. Once they do that, there should be testing requirements. It’s not hard and the regulation should apply to them foremost.

I understand when someone crosses the border illegally and flees into the country, they can’t really be tested until they are caught. But that’s just another freaking reason to FINISH BUILDING THE WALL, which Biden refuses today because he wants our borders overrun.

If anything, the illegals at the border should be a higher priority than people coming in via airplanes.

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