‘It’s a moral DISGRACE’ – Krauthammer slaps down Laura Ingraham over Trump

Chuck Krauthammer did not hold back from saying what he really thinks of Trump’s “hostage tape” yesterday and how his going back to his original position of defending the alt-right is a “moral disgrace.”

Watch below:

Ingraham whines that it’s unfair that Krauthammer called her out for doing what she always does – copping out and giving Trump a pass on everything just for the sake of her religious worship of that man.

Of course, all Ingraham has is idiotic snark. Her defense is to completely ignore the substance of Krauthammer’s argument and simply whine that it’s giving in to liberals. So values and morality don’t count – it’s just whether your tribe is right.

Krauthammer rationally, and logically tries to get Ingraham back on track – but she resists all reason and logic….

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