‘It’s a Revolution’: Violent BLM/Antifa rioters ATTACK gay men, PUPPIES, liberals, REPORTERS, demand ALLEGIANCE under threat

You can’t be woke enough to be safe from harm while the BLM/ANTIFA revolution is underway. You can only join their fight or be attacked. Even if you’re a gay, liberal, D.C. resident carrying your rainbow flag.

You can’t be ethnic enough, working class enough, average American laborer enough for the revolution. You can only be a part of the revolution or be sacrificed by it. Even if you’re just driving a work truck in Portland.

But even that isn’t enough if the mob gets hot enough. Even being out there protesting AGAINST TRUMP isn’t enough, if you happen to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time with the wrong skin. Being an anti-Trump protester in Philadelphia STILL isn’t enough, if you’re white or hispanic.

That’s the lesson. Here are the videos.

This is the America Democrats want and have encouraged. And now they want you to vote for them AND give them a Supreme Court pick, even if it takes four years to get it.

UPDATE: Wanted to add this because Buck Sexton is correct.

That’s what they are.

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