“It’s almost like roaches voting for Raid” – The View’s Sunny Hostin on white women voting Republican

Democrats are really pouring on the anti-Republican hateful rhetoric as we get closer to the election.

Today The View’s Sunny Hostin made the most disgusting, hateful comparison when referring to White women voting Republican. And she got quite a bit of pushback from the lone anti-Trump RINO at the table:

Hostin claims, in the name of murdering unborn babies, that white women voting for Republicans is like roaches voting for Raid.

She says she can’t believe that white women would be voting against their own ‘healthcare’, which is absurd. Murdering unborn babies is not healthcare, it’s barbaric butchery done for the sake of convenience.

She’s also pulling that same phony garbage that Biden pulls, claiming she’s Catholic and that abortion isn’t right for her but she doesn’t believe in pushing that belief on anyone else.

Well let me speak for all real and true Catholics. I am Catholic and, except for the most extreme and rare cases, abortion is wrong for everyone. Period. End of story.

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