“It’s not the gun!” – Virginia Lt. Gov tells the truth about mass shootings

Virginia Lt. Governor Winsome Sears explained today on Fox News the real problems behind these mass shootings, generally speaking, but most importantly pointing out that guns are not the problem:

Here’s a portion of what she said:

“We have fathers who aren’t home. We have emasculated our men. Our children are at stake. You notice that these shooters, they have had family problems. The Parkland shooter – 37 times police were called to his home. It’s not the gun.”

I love that Sears is such a huge proponent of the 2nd amendment and she’s absolutely right about these shooters.

I would add though, looking at Uvalde specifically, that stopping that massacre might have been as simple as keeping the door closed and having the resource officer on campus. Even if the shooter blasted through the door, that still would have given the teachers time to secure their own classroom doors.

The socialist gun-grabbers always blame the gun when there were clearly more prevalent issues that aided the shooting. But they don’t care about that because all they want to do is take our guns. That’s their only agenda.

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