“It’s one BLACK person after another” – CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin accuses Trump of RACIST attacks on black people, but the evidence says OTHERWISE!

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin says he doesn’t want to call names, but that didn’t stop him from accusing Trump or racist attacks on black people.

You should watch the video, but here’s more from TMZ:

Jeffrey Toobin thinks it’s awfully peculiar President Trump seems to have a habit of viciously attacking black people … but stops short of calling him a full-on racist.

We got CNN’s Chief Legal Analyst Monday at LAX and asked about DT’s latest vitriol against prominent African-Americans — namely, his disgusting tweet calling LeBron James and Don Lemon dumb and dumber — and Toobin thinks there’s a pattern here that can’t be ignored.

Bottom line … Trump has a track record of going after blacks both on Twitter and at rallies. He’s called out LaVar Ball as being a “poor man’s version of Don King” and has constantly referred to Rep. Maxine Waters as a “low IQ” person. And, don’t forget the NFL’s SOBs.

Toobin doesn’t want to get into name-calling — unlike the Prez — but says 45’s barbs reek of racism.

Look we debunked this garbage over the weekend from Chuck Todd. Trump attacks many people this way, not just black people. And the proof is easily found in a list that the NY Times keeps up of Trump’s insults:

It’s weirdly comprehensive, and in the list of hundreds of insults, he calls into question the intelligence of a lot of people. Men, women, white, black… Trump bashes them all.

He called Hillary Clinton “very stupid”, “very dumb”, “totally confused”, and questioned her “brainpower” and “judgment’ over and over, for example.

About James Comey, he said “he is not smart”, called him “stupid”, and “very dumb”. Jeb Bush is “stupid”, “clueless”, and “not competent” according to Trump. Of Bloomberg’s Tim O’Brien, a “dumb guy with no clue”, a “really stupid talking head” and “dopey.” White men all, by the way.

And just from a quick scan of the list in chronological order this morning, I find that Trump said just the other day that Robert de Niro was a “very Low IQ individual”:

He’s also gone after Mika Brzezinski this way as well:

And Jennifer Rubin:

There’s all of this evidence, yet CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin insists that the ‘pattern is black people’ when it is clearly not.

Trump likes to punch back far too often for my taste, however at least he’s consistent at it. One might even call him an equal opportunity insulter, especially with ‘low intelligence’ attacks.

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