“It’s really down” – CNN reports Biden popularity TANKING among black Americans

CNN reported today that Biden’s approval rating among Black Americans is “really down” from what it has historically been for Democrats.

They report that Democrats have won black voters by 75% or higher during every election in the 21st century.

But Biden since 2020, where Biden also won the black vote by 75%, he has now fallen to only 62%.

I know what you’re thinking. Sure, he’s lost some but he still has a high percentage.

But to Democrats this is a YUGE deal because they’ve never been down this low among black voters.

And here’s the kicker. CNN attributes this loss to black conservatives, saying Hillary Clinton had 58% of them in 2016 and Biden only had 20% of them in 2020.

I find this to be a curious detail because how in the world could any black conservative, or conservative otherwise, justify voting for the likes of Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden? Is it the Never Trump factor? Because a conservative who doesn’t want to vote for Trump generally chooses not to vote, unless they are phony conservatives like Bill Kristol.

Whatever the case, Biden is clearly losing among black voters and this is sure to create panic among Democrats. Now you know why Stacy Abrams wouldn’t join Biden on stage this year when he visited her state.

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