Ivanka and Eric Trump FORGET to register as Republicans and CAN’T vote for the Donald!! LOL!

In one of the funnier events of this election season, Trump’s kids won’t be able to vote for their toupee’d dad in the New York primary vote next week – because they didn’t know what the rules were for registering to vote! LOL!!

Watch below:

Even here, he’s lying. They didn’t need to register “a year in advance,” they just needed to switch from Democrats to Republicans by March. But just like their dear old dad with primary election rules, they screwed that up too.

And here’s more hilarious irony – Ivanka was heading Trump’s “Get Out The Vote” effort! LOL!!!

From the Daily Beast:

Despite spending the last four months lecturing Trump supporters on how to register to vote, Ivanka Trump missed the deadline to register to vote for her dad in New York.

Ivanka’s failure to follow New York’s non-complicated voter registration rules to change her affiliation from independent to Republican (to vote in the closed primary) is remarkable, given that she’s been the public face of her father’s get-out-the-vote efforts.

She made nearly half a dozen campaign videos on the importance of registering to vote. But her family didn’t seem to be paying attention, since her brother Eric also forgot to register.

And it must be noted – none of this would have been an issue if they had been Republicans in the first place. Makes you wonder why these gung ho Trumpers were never Republicans…

We want these people running the country, right?

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