DHS giving jailed illegals phone number to report civil rights violations

If you haven’t had your coffee yet, don’t bother.  This should get your blood pumping. CNS News reports that upon  detainment, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a division of The Department of Homeland Security, will provide a phone number to illegals “who believe their civil rights have been violated.” And don’t worry, in the likely event they are not proficient in English, DHS has taken the time to translate their leaflets in six different languages:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told the House Judiciary Committee in written testimonysubmitted Wednesday that illegal aliens taken into custody by local law enforcement and turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement will be given a phone number to call if they believe their civil rights have been violated.

The phone number will be provided on a form that will include directions on how to file a complaint in six different languages.

Napolitano told the committee that ICE has “updated its detainer form to clarify the longstanding rule that state and local authorities are not to detain an individual for more than 48 hours except for holidays and weekends.

“The new detainer form also requires state and local law enforcement to provide the arrestees with a copy of the form, which includes a number to call if they believe their civil rights have been violated by ICE,” said Napolitano.

“The revised form includes information in six languages on how to file a complaint,” Napolitano said.

During Wednesday’s Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.) asked Napolitano about the ability of detainees’ to contact legal counsel or family members.

“There’s a new detainer form that we have put into place,” said Napolitano. “It is in English; it’s also available in Spanish; I think other languages as well. It has numbers to call–all sorts of information on it.”

 I wonder if American citizens are given the same leaflets…

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67 thoughts on “DHS giving jailed illegals phone number to report civil rights violations

  1. If enough voters wise up these liberal communists will be voted out in 2012, but alas, my confidence is waning.

  2. Can I please get a copy of one of those forms.
    I need to file a complaint.

    The obamessiah and his marxist minions have been regularly violating my civil rights with their progressive anticapitalist actions for about 3 years now.

  3. Thanks to the actions of the complicit political elites like Janet N. America is being bankrupted and destroyed…an example, follows:

    Gets Patrick to admit high cost of illegals’ health care (about Ma.)

    The 58-year-old Andover Republican — who bucked Beacon Hill by holding a sit-in in the House chambers two weeks ago — pried the shocking report from state officials. It showed that nearly 55,000 illegal immigrants received more than $93 million in MassHealth benefits for emergency medical services last year.


    Add the cost up in each state.

  4. American Citizens tried, found guilty, and imprisoned, lose their rights. SO now we are giving rights to non-citizens?

  5. YOU HAVE TO WONDER JUST HOW MANY” ILLEGALS” OBAMA WILL HAVE LET IN BEFORE HIS TIME IS UP!!! NOT to mention how long it will take to UNDO the damage he has done? Unfortunately that is NOT the END of it,this system of government is BROKEN,there are too many so called “ELITE POLITICIANS”,who are the problem.They resist REAL CHANGE with all they have,they’re the pigs at the public trough,the career politicians and they can be found on both sides.

    1. obama wants OUR time to be up via the help of the illegals…he can get them to vote for him…put them in our military…and in positions of power.

    1. LOL! Yea, their voices are representative of the scariest shrieking witches of Halloween season….

  6. Maybe the phone numbers are to some sap in their own country who listens and then says “cry me a river” in five different languages…I can dream can’t I?

  7. If anyone hears am intense earsplitting wailing sound, do not be afraid, it’s only me ripping the last few hairs from my head as my eyes shoot blood. Ah crap, I can’t even think of anything saecastic to say about this. I think I’m finally losing it.

    1. ABC don’t pull your hair, we CAN figure this out, we just haven’t found the exact right combination of fairness yet. We’re smart people, and we can do this! We might have to do some things that we would not prefer to do , but we’ll get it one day soon. You’re one of the best ones. May God tell us the way soon, I’ll pray for it.

  8. DHS Director is violating the laws of the country in allow ILLEGALS TO FILE A COMPLIANT THAT THEIR CIVILS RIGHTS HAVE BEEN VIOLATED????They are not citizens of our country.

  9. I thought Janet Reno. while she was AG, did lots of harm to this country with Waco, Ruby Ridge etc but she was a mere bag of shells compared to this creature. I would have infinitely more respect for her if she just came out and said that she doesn’t believe in this country and at any time will do whatever she could to weaken and humiliate us. She belongs in a Federal prison.

  10. That sickening,fat,nasty looking excuse for a human needs a new job. Supt. of mindless idiots. These sponges on society have no rights,they are illegal!! They hate America & only come here for the benies. They threaten to take over the southwest yet media is silent. LaRaza is worse then the KKK. Yet obumma supports them. God help us!

  11. More slugs getting things they don’t deserve

    CBS removed this video from YouTube

    You have to watch this video of Judge Judy before it’s removed- it’s actually a guy from St Paul , MN .

    This is why our taxes should be raised?? Come on


    Watch quickly before it disappears.

    More importantly – pass it on.

    Multiply these morons by many millions and you get the picture.

  12. This is odd because I’ve been giving the illegals Janet’s home phone number as a help line. Was I wrong there?

  13. Let’s see if I get this:

    One of our Border Agents arrests a 15 year old caught in the act of smuggling drugs from Mexico. He handcuffs and arrests the scumbag. The agent was cleared by internal affairs of any wrong doing, as the scumbag wasn’t hurt in anyway. Does the drug smuggler go to jail…… Noooooo. He was granted immunity to come back to testify against the agent. (Does this sound familiar???) Our Border Agent has been sentenced to 2 years in federal prison, and has been denied all of his civil rights for the last 8 month while he was been held pending trial. AND HE DID NOTHING WRONG, just doing his job!

    Why did the DOJ prosecute him? Because Mexico claimed the scumbag’s civil rights were violated!!!!!!! Are you freaking kidding me? Since when does MX tell us what to do….. oh, yeah, I get it.

  14. Oh, now I understand why Holder recently hired a “whole bunch” of new attorneys to his civil rights division. I saw the article on PJ Media recently, but I can’t find the link right now. As I recall it was 100+ all ACLU types. I’m sure somewhere in this flyer it will tell them they were most likely “racially profiled” and have a right to bring a lawsuit.
    Great…. just great, and on our dime!

    1. Maybe they should give the Phone of the Mexican Consulate to them. That’s what our state department tells us to do in a foreign country, if we have a problem. No, instead we roll out a red carpet and welcome mat too.

      1. Maybe they should give the Phone of the Mexican Consulate to them. That’s what our state department tells us to do in a foreign country, if we have a problem.
        That is because when we Americans are on foreign land, we Americans need to respect their laws and sovereignty.
        When mehicans are on US land , they are on the land which was stolen from them

        1. May I recommend the study of History of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, as there were many treatises and purchases that you’re overlooking. Not to deny that several conflicts took place. That, and is that theft of acreage on the Spanish or the French side of the colonial border or the Aztec one ?

          1. HOW FAR BACK do we have to go ?
            100 yrs ? 200 yrs ? 500 yrs ?
            I find it amusing that illegals and mexicans want US rights , US welfare benefits and US protections while on the land they claim belongs to them .
            They don’t want mexican laws on the land they claim belongs to them !!

            1. That was my point Cheezwhizz, Yeah, so things may not have been fair, in the way we look at things today, but we can’t go back and redo them, even if we could, I don’t have the answers, but I’m willing to listen and try to find out what we need to do, going forward from here. I think we need to start by closing our borders and taking stock of what we do have to work out with those who are here. Then perhaps we can come to some fair and equitable solutions. And I do get really tired of having some take benefits that American citizens are denied, it makes me sad.

              1. We already have laws at every level of government to solve the problem of illegal alien invasion.
                The government just needs to STOP punishing those who enforce those laws.

                1. Yes, we do have the statutes in place to do the job. We unfortunately have elected a cowardly bunch to office that feel the enforcement of our laws is not important to them. We can and should vote them out at our earliest opportunity. And as for the prosecution of our own officers, that is as repugnant to me as it is to you.

    2. DAMN good point. I’d think her real job would be to look after the rights of Americans in foreign prisons, no?

  15. What’d you bet we are paying for their commissary too? Candy Bars, Porn Mags (In Spanish), Stamps etc.

    Hell, the libs are slipping, I thought they’d have rewarded illegal convicts with a free education. Maybe Perry will.

  16. Since when do illegals.who broke our laws get these privilages? Lock ’em up & then deport them! I’m so damn sick of these invaders getting treated like royalty. I want my country back!! Now!!!

  17. I sort of remember that DHS was instituted to protect American citizens! Instead they are aiding lawbreakers? Hmmm….Is up still down? Is left sideways? I’m confused !

      1. Greetings, my friend! I’ve been having some computer problems, but the biggest problem was when it crashed!! Now that I have reprogramed the thing, I can again speak with all of my dear friends and some of my favorite adversaries in the ethernet! I’ve missed you too! VG

  18. Again, illegals have more rights than citizens. It’s crazy. Illegals get a drivers license with no ID whatsoever. When I got mine I had to have a birth certificate, social security card and something else I can’t remember. Do illegals come over here with a birth certificate? If I get pulled over for speeding again I’m gonna say No habla english.

    1. In addition to the SS card and BC, I had to show them a current piece of mail with my address on it. This requirement is for all applicants, so illegals are still disallowed from driving in my state… for now.

  19. This may be harsh but o well…..

    When someone is in this country legally, I believe that they deserve the “civil” courtesy of our country. When some one is in here illegally, they deserve the basic rights which include a prison cell until they are exported.

    These liberal idiots continue to give away our rights as American citizens!

    These rights were earned by our forefathers! These rights cost many citizens their life and blood. In an attempt to recognize the sacrifice these people have made all we ask is that you follow our rules and enter the country by following our laws.

    I will also point out that if you sneak across the border into Mexico and are caught breaking the law or not having the proper paperwork you get to experience their love by being placed in a jail cell with NO RIGHTS!

    Let’s get real and stop giving away our liberties to people who do not respect our laws!

  20. I see this kind of thing and it makes me dream of how nice things will be once the adults are back in charge. Is it true we are still over 14 months away from inauguration day? Can’t one of you guys with a spare flux capacitor move it up a bit? I’d do it myself but mine’s in the shop.

    1. Doood, I’ve got your back! All I need is 1.21 gigawatts of electrical power!

      I can get that from a windmill or a pinwheel though. No worries mate!

    1. In a little over a year, when she and the rest of Obama’s administration are unemployed, I’d like for the new administration to get all of them in a room and say, “We’ll be returning to a Constitutional government now. We understand that none of you like that idea, so we’d like to make a deal with you. You go away and shut up and we won’t indict you for all your extra-constitutional actions. If you insist on publicly criticizing us for following and equally applying the rule of law, we will not hesitate in applying those same rules to you.”

      1. Never happen. Obummer will pardon them all before he leaves office; there will be no threat of prosecution.

      2. Never happen. One-Big-A$$-Mistake-America will pardon them all before he leaves office; there will be no threat of future prosecution. Oops! Please forgive me the repeat.

  21. It also includes a voter registration form,driver’s license application,directions to a local hospital to drop that anchor baby,WIC and food stamp application and Holders cell number for a free weapon.

  22. I’d like to hand this “lady” a leaflet. It starts with these words:

    “When in the course of human events…”

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