Jake Tapper attacks Ted Cruz for not wearing a mask, but Democrat won’t take the bait… [VIDEO]

CNN’s Jake Tapper attacked Senator Ted Cruz yesterday for not wearing a mask at Bob Dole’s funeral while seated beside Senator Amy Klobuchar. Here’s the exchange:

Tapper really loads the question for Klobuchar, suggesting that Cruz was putting her at risk because of her previous battle with breast cancer.

Klobuchar told Tapper that she’s 100% good now, but Tapper insisted “but you’re still at risk of infection because of this fight that you won” and asked “what was going through your mind there where Ted Cruz pulls up next to you and doesn’t have a mask on even though the rules are ‘please wear a mask’ to protect other people?”

Clearly Tapper was outraged over rule-breaker Cruz not wearing a mask, but Klobuchar refuses to make a big deal out of this like Tapper.

Klobuchar does give the normal mask pablum, noting that people should wear masks because we’re role models or something and says it’s not just about masks but about vaccines. But then she defends Cruz, saying “And Ted Cruz has gotten the vaccine, he gets that.”

Klobuchar then changes the subject back to Bob Dole’s funeral and how Dole wanted to bring people together, adding that she doesn’t want that sentiment to get lost. Which I read as clearly a mild slap back at Tapper for his nonsense question. She proceeds to continue talking about Dole bringing people together for the next minute or so until it ends.

Honestly I’m a little shocked that Klobuchar didn’t take Tapper’s softball and try and hit it out of the political park to hurt Cruz. But she didn’t and Tapper must have been aghast at her response.

What’s hilarious is that Tapper was sitting there the whole time, just a few feet from this Senator who he claimed is “still at risk of infection”, with no mask on whatsoever. So is she no longer at risk of infection or is Tapper just full of crap?

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