Jake Tapper: Trump used an ethnic slur against Elizabeth Warren [VIDEO]

Jake Tapper doesn’t seem all that thrilled that Trump has rolled out again his mocking term for Elizabeth Warren from the campaign, Pocahontas. In fact he calls it an ethnic slur in his broadcast a few minutes ago:

Here’s the actual clip from Trump’s NRA speech:

Huffpo’s Sam Stein didn’t like it either:

But one conservative, Derek hunter, had a pretty point about Stein’s concerns:

I mean that is the point. Democrats give Warren a complete pass on lying about her ethnicity to get a job. Yet when she gets mocked on it, they get their panties in a wad.

Here’s my take. I’m generally not a fan of POTUS saying these kinds of things, because I do believe it’s below the dignity of the office. But that bar was lowered many times last year, especially when the infamous tape came out – you know which one – and basically Trump just refuses to be presidential all the time anyway.

So I guess at this point I’m not going to get bent out of shape when he says something like that. But I’m also not going to call it an ethnic slur either. He’s mocking her for something she should be mocked for, and part of me is glad she’s being mocked for it. It was wrong for her to do it and it’s wrong for the Democrats to give her a pass for it.

In other news, here’s something else Trump threw out there today that will probably make you roll your eyes:

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