James Clyburn blames Sharron Angle rhetoric for Giffords shooting

In response to a statement by Tea Party Nation’s Judson Phillips stating that this shooting should not be used for political gain, Clyburn, instead of agreeing with his statement, proceeded to call out Sharon Angle for her ‘second amendment remedies’ statement as if to blame it on her:

The narrative is set among those on the hard left even though there is absolutely no connection between the shooting and ANY political discourse. Clyburn is just trying to use this shooting for political gain by trying to paint the Right as extremists. What a dope.

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34 thoughts on “James Clyburn blames Sharron Angle rhetoric for Giffords shooting

  1. This disgrace to SC is nothing short of a lying, racist. He opens his mouth and cries foul to direct attention away from his crooked ways. He also made a statement that since he is a gov. official, he should be exempt from airport screenings! He is just a moron who steals taxpayers $.

  2. This stinking brown thing should be flushed into the sewer. It looks, smells and acts like it is so full of feces it needs sewage treatment to make the environment safe.

  3. Now here is a good example of the black calling the kettle pot. I honestly don’t think he was listening very well.

  4. This is one old victmized human being (I use the term loosely) that needs to retire and seek God to clear his mind. This kind of of BS is poison and will keep us mired in raceism. The people that promote that agenda will suffer an extreme judgement by their creator.

  5. Again, I can go where the rest of you can’t. Clyburn is nothing but a lying, opportunistic, black bastard.

    HE LIED about being spat on, during the Tea Party pushback on Washington, in response to his peoples’ [Congress] illegal, un-Constitutional, unethical foisting of un-American legislation on the People (http://www.allamericanblogger.com/10095/huff-po-and-cbc-claim-racist-shouts-and-spitting-on-capitol-yesterday-video-capitol-police-say-different/).

    HE LIED about the People wanting single-payer ObamaCare standardized throughout the nation (http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=111801758).

    HE LIED about the ethnic slurs (http://www.therudenews.com/archives/7813).

    HE LIED about Alvin Green “the plant” (http://gatewaypundit.rightnetwork.com/2010/07/will-jim-clyburn-apologize-now-that-true-democrat-alvin-greene-has-been-vindicated/).

    Clyburn is the personification of the filth-caked, opportunistic animal that is the left, that is the democratic party, and always has been. He is somewhere between a buzzard, a remora and a jackal. Everywhere his cloven hooves clop-clop, there is a trail of filth. He has been made an attack dog figurehead for the democrats, because they know whites are too afraid to get right back in his face, and say the things I can, since another trick we know they carry in their bag is the label “RACIST”. They break out their broad brush, smear on the tar, and slap the label right on. Nevermind the fact that they all wear the label, themselves, and voluntarily. Notice where the Dishonorable James Clyburn’s head is (right up the collective ass of the National Socialist Liberal Democratic Party of America); he goes on national TV and makes the decision that its time better spent to criticize Sharron Angle (who isn’t even holding national office, and really has been out of the public eye for months) for the actions of a self-advertised NUT (http://hotair.com/archives/2011/01/08/breaking-congresswoman-five-others-shot-in-tucson-az/), than praying for his fallen fellow traveler (though we all know liberals are a truly godless, heathen lot, that will only pray to the golden calf of mammon), and expressing his ire over not only the near-loss of her, but the near losses of several others, AND the LOSSES of those he did succeed in killing. No, it’s better to the lying pet black of the DNC to point fingers at everybody else, just as the Politico (a worthless joke of a hack-rag) thinks this is attempted assassination of a public official and mass-murder is a blessing in disguise for the Dalai Obama, and the perfect opportunity to rev up their idiotic people against the people, institutions and organizations that have wound up on the Dalai Obama’s enemies list (http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0111/47294.html) (http://hotair.com/greenroom/archives/2010/10/27/obamas-enemies-list-includes-you/). I’m actually looking into going into politics, not just for the sake of continuing my service to the very things liberals hate [God, and my country], but for the opportunity to say these things right to the faces of liberal scumbags like Clyburn.

    And Obama.

    I have nothing good to say about scumbags that use assassination and mass murder by someone that is totally outside the political sphere for political gain. Had this been a black politician that had been gunned down, it would suddenly be a KKK action, underwritten by the GOP. Had it been that fat, ugly-looking bastard Grijalva, then it would be the actions of an AZ-based Tea Partier/Minuteman/Republican/Conservative, clinging to his Bible and his gun and opposing immigration. It’s not people that are too smart to fall for global warming and climate change that are holocaust deniers, it’s the damned liberal democrats. The modern-day holocaust is the destruction of the United States at it’s very foundation by the very rot the democrats carry with them in the form of a plague. Its the persecution of anyone that disagrees with them (http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2008/09/official-missouri-truth-squad-incident.html). Its the near-daily threats of death and murder that are literally sanctioned and applauded by the leftists “entertainers”, pundits and politicians against Conservatives and Republicans (http://www.fireandreamitchell.com/2010/11/10/another-crazed-progressive-mike-malloy-threatens-violence-you-animals-are-going-to-get-it/) (http://sweetness-light.com/archive/in-book-cindy-sheehan-wishes-she-could-kill-child-bush). It is the intentional fostering of racism and “hate crimes” against opponents of the liberal agenda, especially if the opponents have the audacity to not be white (http://stlouisteaparty.com/2009/08/07/union-thugs-deliver-unprovoked-beating-on-black-conservative-at-carnahan-town-hall/). Its the daily assaults on the rights of the People (http://wizbangblog.com/content/2009/09/25/the-penalty-for-not-buying-insurance-under-obamacare-jail.php). And it’s WE TRUE CONSERVATIVES that are out to destroy the country (http://www.narf.tv/2010/11/obama-calls-conservative-americans-enemies-conservatives-call-obama-skinny-big-ears/)?! I think the lack of decency of Kooky Clyburn, Greasy Grijalva, Odd Olbermann, Arianna HR Puffinstuff and all the rest for not denouncing this murder spree and ignoring their fellow creature from the zoo reptile house speaks VOLUMES about them, but too many of the American people are too stupid to understand, and those that might are being insulated from it by the hate-filled LEC (Liberal Entertainment Complex) (http://nation.foxnews.com/media/2010/07/18/dicaprio-and-inception-co-stars-trash-conservatives).

    Oh, and I notice THIS little bit of news is getting more attention OUTSIDE the country, and the state it took place in:


    Isn’t that interesting?

    Too bad it’s not news, I guess.

    (Hopefully, I won’t get BANNED, for this rambling, incoherent, hate-filled post.)

    1. Oh, I could go there, X. Wouldn’t use the term “black” in front of bastard (not gutlessness, just irrelevant from my ‘less-tanned’ perspective… a dog is a DOG, regardless of his coat), but the rest received nods and quiet “AYE!”s from this American.


      Not by me.

      Your post (as always), while perhaps a bit strong on adjectives was replete with EVIDENCE and DISCERNIBLE, QUANTIFIABLE FACTS and references.

      Standing with you,
      CM Sackett

      1. Thanks. Really, the only reason I pointed out his skin color was that he, and other liberals, hide behind it, like it’s Captain America’s shield, or something. He continues to pontificate about his participation in civil rights marches, though I’ve never heard of any real or significant contributions he made to that. He continues to identify himself as “african-American”, and I dislike people that identify themselves by their skin color, just as much as people that identify themselves and define their personal identities by acts of gay sex. He’ll be one of the first people that will claim he deserves (implying that he doesn’t have) equal, Constitutional rights to everyone (i.e.: “white”) else, then be the first to suddenly dive into the gutter of racism, in order to cover his blubbery, corpulent ass the instant he realizes he’s gotten into an intellectual gunfight, and he didn’t even bring a butter knife. It’s guys like him that actually make me think about running for state office, just because my very LIFE makes me the ANTI-Clyburn.

        (And on a side-note, I can’t tell my NGF [Non-Girl Friend] about this website or these posts. She’s an Obama-votin’, gay-lovin’, hate-crime legislation pushin’, gun-bannin’, ultra left-wing liberal, and I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate my blasphemy.)

          1. Well, we hang around a lot, but I’ve received no official statements, notifications, nor memos regarding her actually accepting the position as girlfriend. Hence, non.

    2. I don’t normally read book length comments, but I look forward to yours. You back up what you say with facts. You provide links. You keep writing and I will keep reading. I’m here to learn.Thanks.

      1. I second that! Great post X. To automatically assume this horrible event had anything to do with the healthcare debates last year is just total BS propaganda imo. Tell me, did anyone shoot anyone last year at the healthcare townhalls? I mean that is when all of the anger was being shown. This murderer did not mention anything about Obama, Obamacare, Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, Illegals etc etc.

        What we are witnessing is the complete breakdown of the American Left. They cannot win on truth. They cannot win in the open. They cannot win in the arena of ideas where there is a fair playing field.

  6. Well this idiot is dumber than a box of rocks, why any news organization let him even give the time of day?

  7. Anyone getting the feeling that those on the Left might be getting a tad worried that IF the electorate ever figuress out how thy’ve screwed us over the past 100+ years that Sarah Palin’s ‘vitriol’ will be the least of their concerns?

    The Left, in reality, are a bunch of wimp-ass bullies. They’re all the weeny nerds that used to get beaten up during recess.
    The Right are compromised of our ‘Warrior’ class.

    The Left is terrified of us.
    They KNOW there’ll be Hell to pay if/when the Right ever gets this Tea Party thing totally off the ground.

    The last time it happened was in, oh, say the late 1700s, when a bunch of farmers kicked the livin’ daylights out of the most powerful army/navy in the world.

    The Left ‘talks’ a good Revolution.
    But the Right knows how to get a great one done.

    1. They want the centralized power to attack itself for the benefit of others. It’s like waging an internal war.

      Example that I think would be appropriate: The Left and Right live in a house- they are brothers– Government is the parents. The Left wants what I have, so it works to gain favor from the parents so that they can forcibly take what belongs to the other brother. Infighting within the house- While the normal business of the parents would be to protect the family against another house (government/nation)- the Left uses it’s Government to, figuratively, wage war on its own house- in search of that fundamental transformation.

      I wouldn’t be so quick to use words like revolution, because it’s not about that for the people on the right- it’s about maintaining the current structure, not changing it like the left wants to.

  8. And if someone else had been there with a gun they might could have stopped this guy before he killed so many.

  9. Clyburn, IMO, is scum. If I remember correctly, he was one of the handful of representatives that voted against the 5% cut in their personal expenditures (not the pay cut that the victim was pushing forward). That shows people where his priorities are- there in government and himself, not the people. I believe he is the also the same guy that admitted that nothing they do in Congress is constitutional.

  10. Clyburn, IMO, is scum. If I remember correctly, he was one of the handful of representatives that voted against the 5% cut in their personal expenditures (not the pay cut that the victim was pushing forward). That shows people where his priorities are- there in government and himself, not the people. I believe he is the also the same guy that admitted that nothing they do in Congress is constitutional.

  11. Don’t forget, Glenn Beck has been saying for some time that there will be an event that is used by the government to crack down even further on civil liberties. We are already witnessing the “town-criers” casting blame on those ring-wing, hate-mongers. Can’t you just hear them, “yes, they’re the ones to blame for this lone, mentally disturbed, individuals heinous act against society. Let’s silence the voice of Palin, Fox News, the Tea Party. We’ll show them.”

    Just listen to John Garamendi’s b/s statements equating what happened to the supposed (yet unproved) hate expressed at the capitol last spring’s health-care protest, to this derranged individual being encited by the heated-political rhetoric. What a crock of crap! Bottom line, the guy is a nut-job, who only needed a stimulus to carry out his acts. It could have been no sugar in his cheerios that morning that set him off, there’s no rhyme or reason to the actions of mentally disturbed individuals – thus the insanity.

    It will be interesting to see what comes out of Washington with this event.

  12. The attack on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was a political act.

    “Political” does not just mean “right” & “left,” “Republican: & “Democrat.” “Political” comes from the Latin “politicus” meaning “of citizens or the state, civil, civic.”

    It was an attack on an elected representative – a person in government.

    It was an attack on our democratic system.

    It was an attack on citizens –

    “Political” does not just mean “right” & “left” – “Political” comes from the Latin “politicus” meaning “of citizens or the state, civil, civic.”

    The attempted assassination was a political act.

    And so were the killings and wounding of other innocent citizens – our neighbors.

    1. I agree. The shooters you tube videos expressed an ant-government stance. Those on the left and right just don’t get it. Some crazies just hate the government period.

    2. I agree. The shooters you tube videos expressed an ant-government stance. Those on the left and right just don’t get it. Some crazies just hate the government period.

    3. Your post is typical of the average misinformed populace. The United States was based upon a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC; NOT a democracy. NOWHERE in the Constitution, or ANY state constitution, will you find the word “democracy”. The Founding Fathers knew the differences between these two types of self-governance. There are some wonderful articles on Reason/PJTV/Mark Levin in these important, differentiating matters of constitutional republic vs democracy.
      Final point George; you fail to sway me with your dime-store explanation of this heinous act ; depictions of the perpetrator’s motives are weak and unfounded. You can blather and pontificate in this matter when all the FACTS are assembled in this matter…

    4. Well said George.This was without a doubt a terrorist attack against the government,that is we the people.

      We now know that the shooter had ties to the nationalist and anti-immigrant group American Renaissance.And Judge Roll who was murdered yesterday allowed a lawsuit by illegal immigrants against a group of ranchers go forward.One of the shooters favorite books was Mein Kampf and both Congresswoman Gifford and the aide that was murdered were both Jewish.

      His youtube postings clearly show him as a believer in the sovereign citizen moment.He riles against a currency not backed against a gold standard.

      And since Philips called for only property owners to have the franchise, called for Rep. Ellison to leave the House because he is a muslim (eek), and is on record calling for the Methodist church to be disbanded, why do conservatives care what he says?

      It is well past time for the Republican Party to purge itself of the Birchers, Birthers, nationalists, and other far right loons.

      1. You mean like the “purges” of Josef Stalin ? MILLIONS of innocent Soviet citizens murdered, enslaved, incarcerated, and sent to the gulags. Go luck with your pogrom strategy Rufus….

  13. He’s not a dope. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

    Highlighting all these interviews isn’t going to help. When the shooters name didn’t turn out to be some variation on Mohamed it was already too late. It’s over.

  14. Clyburn is exactly right. The Tea Party may not be responsible for this tragedy but they have certainly added fuel to the fire in the past with their rhetoric.

  15. The Rep was a republican then switched parties to become a democrat.

    Did the guy know what the Rep’s political party was when he was shooting? For all we know, he thought he was shooting at a republican

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