James O’Keefe investigates the SEIU and the culture of political corruption

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is at it again. Continuing their Earth Supply and Renewal investigation, the latest sting targets the SEIU.  Project Veritas explains:

The “you scratch my back, I scratch your back” relationship between organized labor and Democrat politicians like Senator Robert Menendez goes a long way toward explaining how millions of dollars of YOUR tax money ends up going to fund “bullsh–” Green Jobs.

Check it out:





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30 thoughts on “James O’Keefe investigates the SEIU and the culture of political corruption

  1. Project Veirtas, Truth looks really great only film, and the sound is blasting.
    These Americans are “Digging Up Bones” and the muiseums full of The Democrat Party artifacts.
    Great job, you Americans keep rooting them out, we Americans will keep voting them out.

    Tea Party Partiot
    2010 / 2012

  2. If a state is a right-to-work state, then I still think trade unions are okay. As I tell people, you DO NOT want to be hanging iron 150 feet up in the air without a union hall having your back. Same with guys who go half a mile underground for a living.

    But forced union membership, especially in non-dangerous jobs like secretarial and catering (kitchen fires? knives? yeah, please, tell that to a guy grinding metal on the side of a ship in dock) is un-American, and ought to be a jailable offense.

    More importantly, no worker who is payed by the taxpayers should be in a union. That includes cops, who are in more danger than anyone. Cops and soldiers know what they are signing up for. We should give them gold-plated medical and decent retirement pay. The rest is up to the citizens. Your bargaining chip is: don’t apply for the job.

    And finally, anyone who channels taxpayer money into campaigns should be put away for life without parole.

    1. I have been saying the same thing for years and the best part is liberals agree- their kool-aid induced coma just doesn’t allow them to think like this. Trade unions provide valuable training, continuing education, work place standards, etc, etc, etc. We have to put an end to the ponzi scheme that is the public employee unions donating to Democrats with tax revenue.

  3. So why doesn’t somebody in the Criminally Negligent media report this? HaHaHaHoHoHo, sometimes I just crack myself up.

    I think I’ll go and put a couple of cubes in a glass and cover them with some Jack.

  4. As a NJ resident I am not in the least surprised about Menendez. The “dirtbag” is once again running for Senate. I will be voting for his opponent, Joe Kyrillos. The first debate for other NJ residents is Oct. 14. If the state GOP was smart they’d nail Menendez on this one. Are you listening Gov. Christie?

  5. Unions, for the most part, have outlived their usefulness in this country. It would be okay with me if unions were disbanded and that would be the end of them permanently. Back in the 70s those was some talk of unionizing the military. Thankfully it was only talk and nothing came of it! That would have been a total disaster.

    1. I remember that! What a fantastically stupid idea it was, too.

      “Sergeant, get that flagpole up!”
      “Not until I speak with my committeeman, sir!”

      1. We averted a major goat-rope that time! I think that idea was based on the Dutch army because it was unionized and someone thought it would be a fantastic idea for us to follow their lead. Yeah, right!!!!

  6. James O’Keefe reminds me of Breitbart – he’s a national hero.

    The blood-sucking unions are killing the U.S.!

    I work for a telecommunications company that is facing extortion from the CWA (a communications union). Every 3 years, they extort my company and threaten to go on strike if their new, gredy, ridiculous demands aren’t met. My company extended a more than generous offer this year and again they refused it. By them going on strike, it will cripple this company in a major way – and they know it. Personally, I think they are trying to hoard more cash to off-set the successful Right-to-Work victories in other locations… they have been dealt a serious blow and frankly, these unions (especially the uber corrupt teacher’s unions and SEIU) deserve to die… the organizations should fail and simply go away.

    I HATE unions. The corrupt links between them and our corrupt government are stark and right in front of our eyes… and yet we still cave into their unreasonable and corrupt demands.

    This has to end immediately.

    1. I hear you! I work at an aerospace company and whenever the contract talks begin, the stupid unions put their big fire barrels outside along the fence line so they can stay warm while they hold their stupid signs. I can’t wait for that to happen again so I can come to work at 4am and put “UNIONS NO!” signs on every one of those cans.

      Of course, every time they are “negotiating”, some sabotage is detected on one or more of the aircraft on the production line.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Unions behave like children. A strike is simply a childish temper tantrum. How I long for PA to become a right to work state!

      1. I’m with you on that. Join Mark Mix in his National Right-To-Work initiative… He’s fighting this good fight.

        We’ve experienced a lot of sabotage too when this goes on. Mysteriously, it happens at key pain points that knocks out service to large groups of customers… quite a coincidence. And monkeys can fly…

        Unions are criminals. They extort and lie. When that doesn’t work, they strong arm the resistence. Just out and out evil.

  7. Union corruption in New Jersey??? Say it ain’t so. Tony Soprano could give you a few pointers on how to get things “done” in Jersey. I’m just wondering why people in New Jersey aren’t fed up with it. Hopefully, they will vote jerks like Menendez out of office.

  8. All we got out of this is what we already know, no one is voting for the dems who doesn’t get paid something for it..Boy if they keep winning , the whole country will be on fire because there is going to be a whole bunch of angry folks when the shiote hits the fan and they find out none of this is sustainable..so keep making promises you can’t keep..I got nothing to lose..you just take from all of U.S. to make their dreams come true..funny thing is Clinton said it’s simple arithmetic..Yeah that’s something they don’t get..we spend 10,000 per student more then ever in history, but it’s not going to the kids it’s going to pensions..

  9. Dope #1- Money laundering and racketeering charges, Mr. Holder?

    Mr. Holder- phhhhhhttt…please. Hello! Fast and Furious? Where have you been? Dope…

    Dope#1- Sorry, Mr. Holder. My apologies for my racist English Common Law heritage.

  10. They forgot to mention the royalties which need to be paid to a certain Italian American fraternal organization. Tis quite important to remember to compensate them, or else!

  11. Project Veritas: Doing the work that the law and the courts won’t touch. Gee I wonder if Govy Crispy Creme is paying attention? Nah….

    1. Well think about it, you know the only news these guys watch (if they watch the news at all) are MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, etc. who have done such a wonderful job of keeping this as quiet as possible. I mean really, who watches FOX News anyway? 😛
      Most of them haven’t seen or heard of this guy yet! But I’m sure they get memos everyday saying “be wary of suspicious prosititutes and pimps”

  12. Don’t those criminals know that “bovine excrement” is supposed to be the cause of global warming?

    1. Yes, they know that Mike, but in their minds giving kickbacks to the right people constitutes purchasing carbon credits. To them it’s all good.

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