James O’Keefe is LIVID over the Washington Post changing his quote to DEFAME him

James O’Keefe has released a video tonight detailing how the Washington Post has just “shadow edited” a quote from him this week to include defaming information about his Project Veritas:

In short, O’Keefe shows that the Washington Post edited a quote from him and then inserted false information on the results of an investigation by the California AG into an Acorn video he did almost 10 years ago wearing a pimp suit.

Now I just googled the quote and found that the Washington Post has already put an update on their online story about him. It reads:

Correction: An earlier version of this story inaccurately described the findings of an investigation by the California attorney general into a 2009 video produced by activist James O’Keefe. The investigators did not conclude that the video was false, but that it had been “heavily edited” and did not reflect “a fuller truth.” The earlier version also omitted O’Keefe’s acknowledgement of an aspect of the finding, which has now been included in the story.

O’Keefe wasn’t threatening to file a defamation lawsuit. He as just asking for a correction and he got it.

But what if he weren’t meticulous about the reporting on his company? It may have never been corrected and the false information would have been out there for a long time.

But he made a bigger point about this that’s very important. The Washington Post would to go the trouble of shadow editing a quote of his and then put in false information about his company. But will they report on his latest video exposing Google’s very own Jen Gennai and what she said about stopping Trump? Nope.

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