James O’Keefe says he has HUNDREDS of HOURS of undercover video from a MAJOR news channel

James O’Keefe’s next project sounds pretty yuge – he says he has hundreds of hours of undercover video from a major news network and a lot of people think it’s CNN.

From HuffPo:

Conservative provocateur James O’Keefe III said on Tuesday that he will soon release “hundreds of hours” of unaired footage secreted out of a major news organization.

The footage could come as early as Thursday, he told Fox News host Sean Hannity during a radio interview. The footage was provided to him, O’Keefe said, by people inside the network.

A Huffington Post reporter, who was also on the radio program, asked if O’Keefe had acquired the footage from camera or set crew members who would have access to it, but he declined to say. Networks record off-air interactions between hosts, reporters and guests, and a crew member sympathetic to O’Keefe’s cause could potentially access a lot of material.

After the radio interview was recorded, HuffPost asked if O’Keefe would be releasing footage from multiple newsrooms or just one. “One corporation, multiple newsrooms,” he said.

He says he might release it “wikileaks” style, meaning dropping docs out on the internet and letting people sift through it themselves in a crowdsource bloodbath. Hopefully that doesn’t mean more stupidity like #Pizzagate, but it probably does.

I can’t wait!! 

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