James O’Keefe: “To Catch a Journalist, Part One”

From the the YouTube description of James O’Keefe’s latest undercover investigative sting:

Pulitzer Prize winning journalism professor Dale Maharidge says White House Correspondent Sam Stein “boozes” sources up. Sam Stein denies and covers up Pay-for-play scheme with Professor Jeff Keefe at Rutgers University.

I’d need to learn more about the “Sam Stein boozes sources up” part of this story before rendering a judgment on that. “Boozing sources up” could just mean Stein goes out for a few drinks with his sources on occasion. Which does seem like a shady way for a journalist to gather information for a story, but on the other hand unless he’s forcing his sources to get bombed or slipping them mickies then I don’t know if there’s anything wrong with it per se.

But dang, Rutgers professor Jeff Keefe sure did get cold busted, didn’t he?

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19 thoughts on “James O’Keefe: “To Catch a Journalist, Part One”

  1. as a product of the 80’s and growing up with 20/20 on friday nights, I love O”Keefe. These hidden camera bits busting the liars and the corupt in their own words is priceless!!!! Its called EVIDENCE!!! Right bill, remember the blue dress!!!!! EVIDENCE!!! I love it!!!!
    GOD Bless, and protect you, James.

  2. I really, really, find this fascinating because journalism has lived up to Marshall McLuhan’s statement that the medium is the message. Instead of having journalists who work to uncover corruption they have become the very ones who are propogating corruption.
    Now we have a very, very, few journalists who cannot get work in the main stream media trying to do undercover stings to out the corrupt journalists who have become the story. Amazing what has happened since the glory days of Edward R. Murrow, Bob Woodward and Pulitzer himself.

  3. Rutgers is a state University…Suported by the taxpayers…So

    Taxpayers are paying to teach how to do biased surveys.

  4. I don’t know why the emphasis is the HuffPo reporter when the real story is the EPI rep admitting they will kill any study that doesn’t conform to their agenda.

    O’Keefe and his group need to focus. He’s already toxic and has been Alinski’d so this kind of report doesn’t help his agenda. He’s feeding the meme and there is no reason for him to do that.

    1. You give up too easy. The Left will Alinsky ANYONE who opposes them. JOK was simply the next in a very long line. Are you waiting for someone to expose their lies and corruption without Alinsky style response?

      Keep fighting for the good guys.


  5. This is why as Rush says, “We must defeat liberalism, not compromise with it”. They will come in your home give you food and secretly take ownership of your home and life. This is why only fools are tricked by liberalism.

  6. We need an army of James O’Keefes. He can be the head of a new school of Journalism teaching young, eager, conservative minds with a talent for media to fight back. It’s time for the 60 year monopoly on liberal news to end.

    Don’t Tread On Me

    PS – What are the chances that James O’Keefe gets a Pulitzer Prize anytime soon? Jokes and analogies are encouraged.

    1. Screw Pulitzers. Somewhere down the line, real reporters will be hoping to nab an “O’Keefe” signifying excellence in investigative reporting and exhaustive fact-checking.

      1. They’re about as useless as Nobel’s. There was a time long ago when those awards stood for honesty and integrity. The committees are corrupted by leftist liars.90% of the MSM is controlled by liberals.

  7. The last journalist denied the accusation, and the loser professor’s testimony isn’t worth anything. So, for now, the Huffington Post are still losers without incriminating evidence confirming that they are losers.

  8. For some reason I trust James O’Keefes investigative version of the truth more than I would Sam Stein. Liberal investigative journalists have to rely more on debauchery than honesty or they won’t be getting the story.

  9. It’s “…publish or perish.” Not parish. The transcriptionist has been spending too much time in a pew in some parish.

    Hey! I am Irish. I can drink before Friday night. In fact, I am expected to, so go ahead and booze me up.

    You buying?


    1. yes, they are.

      I’ve been thinking about this latest move by Obama to “re-work” mortgages even if they are underwater. aka, have taxpayers chase bad debt…

      With this latest move, I now firmly believe that his jobs bill was a complete decoy. He knew beforehand that even his own party wouldn’t support it. I mean, what President (politically) puts forth a plan without some peer review of his own party first?

      So, he goes on his magical black bus, promotes a bill nobody wants, then comes back and goes on an administrative executive order spree and washes his hands by saying that he has a “do nothing” Congress. This (in his mind) will buy him good will to act unilaterally.

      The Congress must not allow this to pass. They must act. It is time for Republicans to find their core, defend it, or be replaced.

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