James O’Keefe: “To Catch a Journalist, Part One”

From the the YouTube description of James O’Keefe’s latest undercover investigative sting:

Pulitzer Prize winning journalism professor Dale Maharidge says White House Correspondent Sam Stein “boozes” sources up. Sam Stein denies and covers up Pay-for-play scheme with Professor Jeff Keefe at Rutgers University.

I’d need to learn more about the “Sam Stein boozes sources up” part of this story before rendering a judgment on that. “Boozing sources up” could just mean Stein goes out for a few drinks with his sources on occasion. Which does seem like a shady way for a journalist to gather information for a story, but on the other hand unless he’s forcing his sources to get bombed or slipping them mickies then I don’t know if there’s anything wrong with it per se.

But dang, Rutgers professor Jeff Keefe sure did get cold busted, didn’t he?

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