Jared Kushner jabs Gov DeSantis over sending illegals to Martha’s Vineyard

For some reason Jared Kushner has come on the scene in the last day or two and he was on Fox News jabbing Governor DeSantis for sending illegals to Martha’s Vineyard.

“I personally watch what is happening at the southern border. I also – we have have to remember these are human beings, they’re people so seeing them being used as political pawns, one way or the other, is very troubling to me…”

Kushner’s fuller comment from the video shows he was talking about the southern border. However his ‘one way or the other’ caveat was clearly aimed at DeSantis and probably Abbott as well.

The problem I have with what Kushner is saying is that both Abbott and DeSantis are trying to bring attention to this horrible humanitarian crisis at the border that Biden refuses to do anything about. They have both been more than clear about the atrocities that are happening because Biden wants an open border and how they will stop bussing illegals when Biden begins fixing the border.

Kushner makes it sound like that what Abbott and DeSantis are doing is somehow comparable to what Biden is doing and that’s just absurd. They want the border secured and the madness stopped. Biden on the other hand is using the illegals to try and turn red states blue, and thus he doesn’t give a damn about the lives that are lost, whether by coyotes or fentanyl, in his horrendous open border campaign.

Kushner needs to go back into hiding because he’s not really helping the Republican cause.

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