Jeanine: The MOST DANGEROUS MAN to America, the GOP and to TRUMP is… JEFF SESSIONS!!

Many Trump supporters have really been stepping all over each other to prove to Trump that they can insult and deride Jeff Sessions the most, and earn his favor (I guess?).

This week’s winner is a late entry from Judge Jeanine, who says Sessions is the MOST DANGEROUS MAN TO THE GOP, TO AMERICA, AND TO TRUMP!!!!

Watch below:

This is just an emotional roller coaster. Trump goes out and bashes Sessions then he does something good and they forget it for a while then Mueller makes some moves and they go back to bashing Sessions. Meanwhile, the more honest supporters admit Sessions has been one of the more successful members of his administration when it comes to actually implementing Trump’s agenda.

Did you catch how she said TWICE that Rosenstein couldn’t be trusted because he’s “a man we’ve never heard of!” LOL!! I didn’t realize the Justice Department needed to get confirmation from Justice Jeanine for their deputy attorney generals. Which, frankly, I could see Trump doing eventually.

Does it ever dawn on people like Jeanine Pirro that perhaps the reason Sessions isn’t walking people out in handcuffs is not because he’s a coward, or that he’s a traitor, but because maybe all the batcrap crazy conspiracies that people like Sean Hannity keep spinning don’t actually have a basis in reality? No I guess that’s not a possibility. Also, let’s #MAGA everyone!!!

So have yourself an open thread.

Here’s a very funny thing that happened this week at the Houston Astros game:

Gotta respect a lady who knows the rules of the game, and loves her team. And I don’t mean Jeanine Pirro.

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