Jeb Bush SMACKED with a huge FEC fine for taking Chinese donations in 2016 campaign

The FEC just doled out a huge fine to the super PAC of Jeb Bush, Right to Rise, for taking two big donations from a Chinese firm for his 2016 campaign for president.

They also fined the Chinese firm as well:

POLITICO – The Federal Election Commission on Monday doled out $940,000 in fines to the super PAC that backed Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential bid and a Chinese-owned corporation that made illegal donations to it.

The unusually large FEC fines came after the commission found evidence Bush’s super PAC took money from a foreign national, which is prohibited under federal election law. The super PAC, Right to Rise, was fined $390,000 for the violation, while the FEC gave an additional $550,000 fine to American Pacific International Capital, Inc. The company had donated $1.3 million to Bush’s super PAC in the spring of 2015, as Bush was gearing up for a run for president.

The donation came after Jeb Bush’s brother Neil, who sits on the board of APIC, discussed a contribution in February 2015 with Gordon Tang, another APIC board member who is a Chinese national. In total, two Chinese nationals communicated about the donation, according to documents released by the FEC.

APIC gave $1 million to Right to Rise in March, and the company followed up with another $300,000 in June.

The reason Jeb Bush’s super PAC was fined was because they solicited the donation from the Chinese national.

However, Politico points out that the FEC “did not find that the donations were “knowing and willful” violations of the law.”

So I guess that means that they didn’t realize the contribution was illegal?

Make of it what you will.

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74 thoughts on “Jeb Bush SMACKED with a huge FEC fine for taking Chinese donations in 2016 campaign

      1. Jeb! would have been very wise to listen to his mom when she said she didn’t agree with him running for the presidency, because the country already had enough Bush’s. The huge FEC fine was also a big smackdown to the horrible, detestable and disgusting Mike Murphy who Jeb! hired to run the Right To Fall Flat on My Face 😀 PAC..

  1. Jeb was to the establishment GOP RINOS’ what the fake Mexican was to the democrats, a money pit.

    Ross Perot’s, “Can you hear that giant sucking sound?” comes to mind when I think about the hundreds of millions of dollars that are wasted on political campaigns.

  2. Funny how they don’t go after Obama or Hillary for illegal donations that we KNOW occurred.

  3. And now, with the Democrats openly inviting the entire world to participate in our elections as voters, what difference does it make from where donations derive?

  4. Old Jebby blew through about 140 million for what? Three convention delegates? This fine is just a rounding error when you consider how much was wasted on poor old, low energy Jeb.

    1. I thought all along that we had far too many GOP candidates just taking the air out of the room.

      I look forward to that for the Dems this year. Even Stacey Abrams says that a 2020 run in on the table…please Stacey, run and embarrass yourself so that you won’t run for anything in GA again.

  5. So glad this blowhard is washed up. I can just imagine how he would have sold out America for Chinese money. I am so done with the Bush family.

    1. He wasn’t the only one selling us out to the Chinese. Obama, Hillary and countless other greedy politicians and busines exects were selling us out to the Chinese.

      Obama blamed the Bush administration for outsourcing jobs. He then outsourced the building of the Chevy Volt to the Chinese. I believe he did the same with the Cadillac.

      The Bundy Ranch incident was caused by Dirty Harry Reid’s attempt to use his power to illegally facilitate a shady business deal between his son a Chinese solar panel manufacturer. Harry wanted the land the Bundy’s were using to graze their cattle so that his son could sell it to the Chinese.

    1. @teri-smith It’s a fact that the Chinese are meddling in our elections and those of other countries around the globe.

  6. Obama only got fined $375,000 on illegal contributions of $1.8M. The Jeb! campaign got the book thrown at them. I think they hold the US record now for largest fines.

    1. OT/ And just think- Obama put D’nesh D’sousa in Jail for a 10,000.00 error on donations. Of course he did it right after D’nesh’s movie on Obama was released. Political prisoner

  7. Jeb! You should have known better, considering you’re basically a professional politician in a well connected family. This is the type of stuff we’d expect the Biden family to do. Actually, the Biden family seems a little more adept at skirting US laws than the Bush family.

  8. Uh oh, I see AOC getting off Scott Free. Who runs the FEC? Cruz ran on trying to get rid of these PACS…..They all deserve to pay but I see some paying and others not…Obama hasn’t got a bill yet has he?!

      1. I can understand if the Bush brand was so fabulous, but it wasn’t. We had a recession after every single one.

        1. I think some of that was brought on by the media. I’m looking for the media to talk down the economy for a recession next year…it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for the media to do when a GOP POTUS runs for re-election.

          They would have done if for Reagan, but the economy was too strong.

  9. Here’s a game we can all play, do a little research (very little is needed)
    and connect the dots, should be fun. Ready?


    1. @nygino Here’s another game: Name a country that didn’t donate to the Clinton Foundation.

      Dianne Feinstein….Chinese driver…..20 years.

  10. Neil Bush was smack in the middle of the Silverado S&L scandal in the late 80’s. Sounds like some really shady business practices going on there…

    1. Hidyho: Jeb is not the smartest, maybe he thought it was Chinese food delivery and not money 😆

    2. @Hidyho The Bush family was deeply involved in shady political machinations. Bush Sr. was close friends with Bin laden family.

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      Great work!

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