Jeff Sessions warns against rush to amnesty

Jeff Sessions, noting his dealings with comprehensive immigration reform in recent history, warns of what is to come from a potential amnesty bill:

Here’s where I stand on Rubio’s immigration proposal. I’m ok with what he explained it earlier today, noting the border must be secured or there is no deal. But I have no expectation any of this can/will be done in the next four years. I just don’t trust Obama nor any of the Democrats. They will sell Rubio out, fake border protection, and make sure every illegal becomes a citizen. Obama simply can’t be trusted.

I appreciate the fact that Rubio wants to fix it and I think he’s earnest and sincere. He’s not a RINO like some of you suggest. He really wants to solve a problem that plagues our country. But signing any bill with the Democrats on immigration reform would be the worst thing he could do because their motives are ALWAYS bad. They want open borders because, just as Levin pointed out tonight, they get most of the votes from Latinos. And that’s all they care about, votes.

There’s no way we can actually get immigration reform until we kick Obama and the Democrats out of office. Just that simple. And my guess is it won’t take too long for Rubio to get to that point.

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