Jen Psaki Can’t Handle The Truth

Larry O’Connor, writing at Truth Revolt, caught this bit of drama between State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki and Fox News reporter James Rosen at briefing this week that once gain highlights why Fox is so important and vital to the political process in America. The adversarial relationship between the press and the administration is an absolute necessity for holding them accountable; more so for this administration than any previous, as so few reporters are willing to challenge them.

Says O’Connor:

In keeping with the tone set by the President, Psaki has continued to maintain a measured and non-threatening rhetorical style with regard to ISIS. Yet, in Wednesday’s press briefing, she seemed to reserve special venom for America’s real enemy: Fox News.

Here is the exchange with Rosen as recounted by Washington Free Beacon, including the smirk of disdain from your State Department representative:

Rosen’s question is perfect. “Am I correct in identifying those three iterations as markedly different from each other?” he asks. He absolutely is correct.

President Obama and his surrogates are all over the map when addressing the question of ISIS and the appropriate response from the United States, because they can’t seem to nail down which thing will make them the most popular and get them voted “Least Likely To Be George W. Bush”.

When you’re walking the line between what must be done and what the politically craven President is willing to do, you’re bound to contradict yourself now and then. And when you do, count on the remaining true journalists in this country to call you on it. Because that is how the press is supposed to work.

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