Jen Psaki refuses to even say Cuomo not ‘GOLD STANDARD’ for leadership, then SHUTS DOWN Jon Karl

On ABC’s This Week, press secretary Jen Psaki was asked by Jonathan Karl whether the Biden administration is now willing to say, in light of the huge and still growing scandal in New York, that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is not the “gold standard for leadership” on the pandemic.

As Jon Karl began his question reluctantly and stumbling, the baleful stare of Psaki continued to wither more imperiously. She, like all Democrats, was offended that she’d have to answer anything she didn’t want to answer. Karl’s body language and demeanor were, meanwhile, apologetic even as he sort of pressed for an answer.

The RNC and Daily Caller, and some other sites have posted about this, but they leave off one of the best parts of the clip. It’s the very end, when Psaki has simply had enough. She rebukes Karl for daring to ask, and he meekly accepts it and thanks her for appearing. It’s disgusting.

Imagine Jon Karl or Jake Tapper or even Chris Wallace acting this way toward a Trump official about, oh I don’t know, Gov. DeSantis.

KARL: “Okay, I want to turn to another controversy that raged this week. Andrew Cuomo under fire for allegedly not being transparent and misleading on his — on the number of nursing home deaths in New York. Last spring, President Biden cited Andrew Cuomo as the gold standard for leadership during the pandemic. Take a listen.”

He plays the clip of Biden saying it.

BIDEN: “Your governor of New York has done one hell of a job. I think he’s sort of the gold standard.”

KARL ASKS: “So, now, we’ve seen that Governor Cuomo has allegedly undercounted nursing home deaths, misled legislators in New York. He called the New York assembly — I mean, Ron Kim, raising questions — you know, basically threatening to destroy him, I think was his actual words. So, does President Biden still consider Andrew Cuomo the gold standard when it comes to leadership on the pandemic?”

PSAKI DODGES: “Well, Jon, we work with Governor Cuomo, just like we work with governors across the country. He’s also chair of the NGA. So, he plays an important role in insuring that we’re coordinating closely and getting assistance out to people of his state and to states across the country. And we’ll continue to do that.”

PSAKI DODGES SOME MORE: ‘blah blah other governors yadda yadda difficult time blab blab’

KARL SAYS GOLD STANDARD SEVERAL MORE TIMES: “All right. But, Jen, my question was, does President Biden still believe that Andrew Cuomo is the gold standard — represents the gold standard on leadership during this pandemic? Just a yes or no. Does he still consider him a gold standard?”

THEY DEBATE, KARL CALLS IT A YES OR NO QUESTION, THEN PSAKI REBUKES: “Well, Jon, the president — the president — well, it doesn’t always have to be a yes or no answer, Jon. I think the president is focused on his goals, his objectives as president of the United States. He’s going to continue to work with Governor Cuomo, just like he’ll continue to work with governors across the country.”

PSAKI TELLS KARL HE WAS OUT OF BOUNDS AND NOT TO LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN, IN NOT SO MANY WORDS: “I’m not here to give new labels or names from the president. I’m here to communicate with you about what our focuses are and what his objectives are as president.”

Well he learned his lesson. Next time he knows what’s he’s allowed to ask about.

These are Democrats, after all. Learn your place, Jon.

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