JERKocrat Rep. McDermott blames victims of IRS scandal for targeting activity, gets smacked down by Paul Ryan

This jerk actually told the people testifying that had they not applied for tax-exempt status, they never would have gone through this:


Mediaite picked up this jem, where McDermontt proceeded to suggest the only mistake the IRS made was using names of organizations and accused this hearing of being nothing more than ‘political theater’. Paul Ryan hit right back at McDermott, blasting the silly notion that they were to blame and that this was political theater:

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88 thoughts on “JERKocrat Rep. McDermott blames victims of IRS scandal for targeting activity, gets smacked down by Paul Ryan

  1. What a load of crap from a representative who was rebuked by congress in 2006 after being caugt trying to use an illegally recorded conversation between Newt Gingrich and John Boehner for political gain.  He also had to pay the legal fees for their defense.
    What a scumbag!

  2. McDermott – just another intolerant, liberal thug from King County – the county that mirrors Chicago’s Cook County.

  3. I feel sorry for the people living in his district.  I would never vote for a knuckle-dragging cretin like this.  It’s bad enough we have Jay Inslee as gov but to have idiots like this representing WA state is reprehensible.

    1. ksmith474 You know I was going to research how many of these Communist Democrats deliberately move to King County from elsewhere in the State of Washington to get elected because they know they could not in outlying counties of the State. I think Inslee was one of them.

  4. I called this dirtbags DC office no answer mailbox full.
    I called his homeoffice no answer mailbox full.
    typical hit and run then hide, liberal dirtbag.

  5. WASHINGTON STATE…why am I not surprised?  Part of the LEFT COAST!  Nothing against Washington folks, except that you seem to be inundated with fools from the left wing, and progressive wing-nuts.  How does this guy keep getting elected?  Over 20 years in the House, and at one time on the ETHICS Committee…perhaps it is time he is led out to pasture?  His diatribe does not even make sense.  Listen to his rant a couple of times….he is truly coming from some other planet.  “It’s all your fault.”   Give me a break!

    1. JIM737 In the counties to the east and south and many to the west there are  very strong Republican Representatives like Matt Shea and others with consistent Conservative politics. King County/ Seattle is the heart of  Washingtons’  Communist/Marxist occupation. Republican counties which, off the top of my head, are more than 50% of Washington districts, just don’t have the numbers to defeat the oath breaker traitors.

  6. McDermott is the epitome of the inherent evil that comprises the intellectual bankruptcy of the liberal mentality. Look up the definition of BIGOT in any dictioary….”obstinant believer who is intolerant of others.” This defines the liberal agenda in a very clear and undeniable way.  When all is said and done, McDermtt and those like him, are bigots, nothing more, nothing less.

  7. The only “political theater” in this scandal is that the demoncrats have been caught with their pants down in this!  The dept of Ed and the EPA are also on our “hit list” with a long list of Constitutional infringement on conservative groups.  I want to see what the progressives are getting away with while the conservatives were being targeted!  I bet the “secret” emails are just flying in the WH.

  8. McDermott reveals
    Democrats true colors- What they are all about- anti-Americanism, the ugly big govt
    tyranny and oppression against We the People, whose primary end goal is the
    destruction of America, the US Constitution, Individual Freedom and Liberty,
    Free Market Capitalism- our Republic.

  9. It is so disgusting what is happening in this country and these pompous idiots that call themselves politicians.

  10. Here is an excellant solution – discontinue the IRS and replace them with  a flat tax! Think of all the money our government would save that could be used to feed our troops 3 warm meals a day rather than inappropriate dance lessons and other perks, and think of all the misery you will be saving law abiding citizens who will not have to be audited. No more tax forms – just the same percentage flat tax taken from all our paychecks and company profits.
    Thankyou for listening.
    Fed Up!

    1. One more thing – if our voting is legitimate in the future elections, I think you will find there are a lot of government representatives who will be voted out and replaced as I am only one of many people fed up!

  11. If the IRS were being held under scrutiny by media matter,, The Tides Foundation and other NEW asking 501.4a groups then there would be a problem with the IRS across the board.  An astute 8 year old could understand that this stinks folks!

  12. “If you wouldn’t have purchased our lunch bucket, you wouldn’t have blown up because of the pipe bomb inside of it… it’s your fault”.

  13. They weren’t silenced?  You arrogant, half-cocked ignorant slime ball !  The entire purpose was to silence them.  You don’t have to order them to shut down in order to silence them, you twit !

    1. kong1967 “arrogant, half-cocked ignorant slime ball”…….How do you really feel? Cracked me up!

        1. PVG warpmine Disagree on that point friend. Remember, death is a part of life as idiot extraordinaire Congressman Cummings once stated. Polite political discussion is dead and they killed it. Let them all reap their just rewards. 
          The Lord will eventually punish these evil men but it doesn’t mean we can’t help send them on in the express lane.

  14. When a useless pile of goat dung like McDermott says you are incompetent that is saying a lot.
    The leftist talking point about the IRS being swamped by an increase in applications has long since been debunked as a lie. That doesn’t stop this clown from spewing it though. And who cares if the IRS commissioner was appointed by Bush? That only shows that Bush was not an ideologue. What is more telling  is the fact that that commissioner has a history of supporting Democrat candidates.

    1. volgeek Now, the new head of the IRS said this:
      “We will have to think very carefully about how much money to provide to the IRS,” said Rep. Ander Crenshaw, R-Fla., chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee on financial services and general government.
      Werfel acknowledged that it would be a “mistake” to ask Congress for more money to address the agency’s recently revealed problems. But, he added, the IRS is seeking additional money to enforce tax laws, improve taxpayer services and implement initiatives.
      I’m prepared to defend the increase that we’re asking for.” he said.
      These idiots know no shame Democrats like Mcdirtbag are cut from the same cloth.

  15. As I’ve said before, I call this abysmal, arrogant ignorance.
    Don’t forget, Mr. Hitler’s highest rank in the German army was “corporal”. With that abysmal, arrogant ignorance, he annihilated the German armed forces and nearly destroyed his own country.
    In their similar abysmal, arrogant ignorance, politicians like Rep. McDermott are in the process of doing the same to the once proud and beautiful United States of America.

    1. toongoon Not so much term limits but preconditions to vote such as civics test based squarely on the Framer’s thoughts on the Constitution. I’m certain that would eliminate any possibility of McJerkmott winning an election. One better might be those running would have to pass the same civics test and pass it 100%

      1. DCGere  Yep, they sure are. He keeps getting re-elected. He once sent Laura Bush a very offensive Christmas ornament. He is sick and those who follow him are far more sick.

    1. tinkerthinker You just summed this monster up perfectly. I have the mis-fortune to live in the same state that spawned that fat slob.

  16. Congressman
    McDermott is an embarrassment to this office and it truly disgusts me every
    time there is an issue it has to go back to Republicans and Democrats and
    instead of getting to the truth, he spent his time verbally attacking the men
    and women in front of him…..Just a joke!

  17. Through redistricting, this horrible excuse for a Congressman, this bloviating, lying …. recently became *my* congressman. Angry and ashamed at the same time.

    1. PNWShan I am sorry for you…we moved to Ohio to get away from a lifetime of living in WA. He has been and always will be a man without scruples and grit. A man who has never represented the people of Washington let alone his Congressional District. He is way too full of himself and what he thinks is the American way. I mean really, it’s their fault for applying for tax exempt status? Oh yes, that’s the democrat way. It’s your fault you actually stood for something other than the liberal way of thinking. I could barely listen to both before I got to hear Congressman Ryan.

    2. PNWShan I feel for you….wow, that’s just an insult you have that vile creep as your rep. He won’t represent anything you support.

  18. McDermott is flat out lying and is doing so on the record. Perhaps he should be removed from office. Also there are Tea Party groups still waiting for tax exempt status.
    The bottom line is the IRS is being used to target groups and it is wrong. If it is ordered from the WH then it is criminal.
    I care little about what happened during Bush administration, despite the fact it is a lie. I care about the here and now and the future. It’s time to Carpe Diem (seize the day) and get rid of the IRS.

  19. Time and again the Dems wanted to point to Bush and complain that “he did it too.” Which is BS, because if he had, THEY were the ones in power. THEY could have (and would have) formed a committee to peruse wrong doing by the Bush WH. In fact they would have tripped over themselves to do so!
    The fact is the ilk like Planned Parenthood and are 501c4. But I guess THEY’RE not political. Where’s McDermontt outrage over THEM. Hypocrite!

    1. SheerPolitics And what I hate about the 3yr old whiney “Bush did it too” rant, they also squealed like stuck pigs for 8 years too!! Good golly. Really are parrots! They learn a new line every 4-8 years and just repeat it over and over again to their LIV.
      The courts cheated Gore.
      Bush lied to go get oil in Iraq.
      Hate Bammy and you are racist.
      Romney paid no taxes. Fair share…fair share…awk. Wanna cracka!!

  20. Typical Leftist sophistry designed to confuse.  Near the end of his rant he makes the statement “what happened to you was unfair”, and yet he spends the rest of his 3-4 minutes stating why it wasn’t unfair, and to the extent it was unfair, It is ridiculous to claim that the unfairness was directed from on high (never mind the emerging evidence and statements from IRS employees that that’s exactly what happened). 
    McDermott pulls that slick kind of speech, where you briefly make an outragous comment and then move onto the next outragous comment.  It’s frustrating to listen to, can be effective unless countered point by point, and is designed to confuse.  It’s hard to identify all the lies and half-truths made by the Honerable -cough -cough congressman, but let me try.
    1 – He refers to their applicationi for tax exempt status as an application for a taxpayer subsidy.  That to me is the biggest outrage and lie of his disgusting rant and reveals him for the elitist Marxist he is.  This just exposes his belief that none of our money really belongs to us, and that we should be thankful to government for the amount that they allow us to keep.
    2. He talks about how these organizationis were not prevented from doing what they do, just slightly inconvenienced.  Well, I’m not an expert in this area, but clearly, their fundraising efforts were harmed by this, the time they had to spend jumping through hoops for the IRS took away from their spending times on the activities they were set up to engage in.  Also, the IRS harrassed individuals who were not even associated with this organizations, so the harassment went beyond the organizations themselves.  The intense scrutiny certainly had a chilling and intimidating effect on these  organizations and the individuals involved.  This was by design..
    3. Clearly, there is an overlap between politics and causes that one considers to be for the public good.  I don’t know what exact criterea the IRS is supposed to use to determine where to draw the line, but the fact is, only conservative leaning organizations were targeted for this extra scrutiny.  There are plenty of blantly political left]-wing organizations that have been rubber stamped regarding their tax exempt status.  Media Matters is one example.  
    4. His scoffing at the notion that this was directed from Washington.  Actually, it’s the other way around, McDirtmottt.  You honestly expect a reasonable person to believe something of this scale was initiated at the lower levels?
    5. He implies that the extra scrutiny was simply due to an increase in applications.  Nice try.  That would in no way explain why certain organizations that applied were given the standard set of questions, and others had the new and improved Byzantine set of questions they had to answer.  All of the organizations that received the new and improved processing were either Tea Party, Pro-Israel, or if I’m not mistaken, there were one or two pro-life groups in there as well.
    6. His charge that there was no unethical or illegal activity here, and that the whole thing is political theater.  This ignores the facts.  It ignores lies told by this administration regarding this being caused by a few rouge agents.  We all know that this is a huge scandal coordinated by Washington, but focusing only on what we specifically know right now, the White House lied about this being a rougue operation.  Testimony about to come out from lower level agents will prove that this was coordinated from the top.  The uncooperativeness by Shulman and Lerner in particular.  The pleading of the fifth by Lois Lerner when she had forfitted that right.  the 157 visits to the White House by Shulman.  Maybe the smoking gun hasn’t been exposed yet, but there is plenty enough smoke already.
    7. His charge that there is nothing being done here that wasn’t done under the Bush administration.  I’ll let someone who’s more familiar with this respond to that.  Suffice it to say, I strongly suspect he is either lying or stretching the truth here.  At any rate, I learned in 1st grade that 2 wrongs don’t make a right.  If that’s your defense of this administration, you really are pathetic.
    In short, in his 3-4 minute speech, McDirtmont managed to promulgate 7 misleading meme’s.  And managed to do it with a smug arrogance that represents all that we hate about these elitists in Washington.  No wonder we’re all angry!

    1. mike3e4r7  Thank you for taking the time to put your response together. It was well done. 
      I want to add one thing to a portion of what you said: 
      “He implies that the extra scrutiny was simply due to an increase in applications.” (Mike3e4r7)
      How many times in one’s working or home life does a huge extra pile of work cause you to place additional burdens on yourself as a result of that increased workload?
       One might rationalize without any fear of being over the top, that one way to deal with an extra workload of an organization such as this, would be to let the applications sail through with less scrutiny rather than more.
      Would these agents pile more work on themselves reading, analyzing and scrutinizing the answers to all of these extra questions? The “Byzantine” version, as you describe them? 🙂 No, they would want to make life easier on themselves. Simpler and fewer questions would accomplish that, not the type of searching one might equate with something more akin to a  bacteria count or DNA analysis.
      The explanations from the left about the left are reaching untried levels of absurdity, and it cannot be, that they will fly, glide, or even lift off the ground. Hence, the belly-crawling, dirt-dobbing actors in this charade.

      1. Rshill7 So, you’re saying if you have a lot of laundry to do, don’t go around the neighborhood gathering everyone else’s laundry and put it in your already large pile then use that as an excuse as to why you haven’t got anything done? 😉

  21. Once again this, “4 times as many applications as before,” lie gets spouted out. Sorry Charlie, but the data shows that is just not true.

    Oh yeah, nice job Rep. Ryan.

  22. I heard this about half hour ago and had to rush out and do some work. I’m still so taken aback by the words that exited this creature’s mouth, i cant adequately describe the feeling. Had I not heard it with my own ears I’d be hard=pressed to believe it.
    Is the democratic party now so depraved that nothing is too underhanded for them to say or do? Can credulity be strained any further than this? I’m still unhinged over it. Couldn’t get it out of my mind while performing the tasks I had to perform either since hearing it. I thought about what I wanted to say in regards to it, but nothing sufficed.
    And how can the Republicans stand to occupy the same room as this thing? How could you even speak in response to it without the top of your head coming off? I’m just flabbergasted by it. As flabbergasted as I can be. What have some of

    1. Rshill7   I remember an interview with Ryan a couple years ago when he was asked, “what’s the thing you hate most about your job?”  His response… “When they sit across from you and lie to your face”.
      Pretty well nails it.
      P.S. nice monologue there Rshill.  McDermott’s jawdropping comments are kinda like blaming the rape victim  for being just so darned tempting. 

      Once again… I refer to Nathaniel Grigsby tombstone.  These pigs are destroying the country… (and that’s an insult to the much maligned pig).

  23. Congressman McDermott is my Congressional Representative in the 7th District in Seattle. Yes, it’s true. Bereft, I finally wrote the following to Washington State Congressman Hastings to formally declare my position.  

    12 May 2013
    Dear Representative Hastings:
    Specifically, I want to thank you for your Chairmanship in
    the Benghazi Oversight Committee. Generally, I thank you for your powerful and
    important presence in D.C. I am so grateful for you.
    In my District 11, I have no representation in D.C. With
    Rep. Jim McDermott and Sen(s). Cantwell and Murray, it is folly for me to have
    any communication with any of them whatsoever.
    With you, however, I have a voice and I have representation.
    I consider you my Congressman in Washington D.C.
    Clare Bailey

  24. It is statements like McDermott’s that these women LAUNCHED their Tea Party groups! 
    HE proved their points in that he expressed in that ONE statement WHY they became active in politics to begin with! 
    So blame yourself McDermott! YOU BIRTHED THE TEA PARTY!

  25. One more comment… Issa gets kicked around because he rightfully called Jay Carney a paid liar… but this Democrap can say something like this to the victims?
    Democraps are literally from another planet.

    1. The Sentinel  Repubs have got to stop being nice – go for the throat like the libs do. And that hag Leslie Marshall is on Megan Kelly right now defending him

    2. The Sentinel  
      “Democraps are literally from another planet.”
      Yup, a little planet called Uranus. 🙂 😉

  26. There aren’t enough “nice” words to use in response to what that human turd McDermott just said or tried to pull.
    These people were psychologically and emotionally raped… and this POS has the gall to blame them for it? How does that work exactly? They deserved it? Really? This is how a Democrap thinks. ANYTHING but the truth. Anything to refocus the discussion. Anything to distract or harangue the victims (because they’re conservatives).
    I have such hatred for this sort of cavalier cronyism. People like McDermott are absolutely worthless. Based on what he said, it’s almost as bad as him being the one who targeted (violated) these honest patriots. He is equally guilty with an attitude and mindset like that. “They had it coming to them…” Really? What kind of an animal says that? Oh yeah… a Democrap.
    This vial sub human better retire after his term (though he should be recalled, censored or fired for his ridiculous comments). There is no room in America for that sort of evil perspective. There in no room for idiots who are that screwed up. I hope this gets a lot of airtime on The Five and main stream news… America needs to know what the Democrap new world order looks like. They need to see the face of evil and hear it’s words for themselves.
    Imperialistic bastard.

    1. The Sentinel   Superb comment, Sentinel.
      Only in some cultures is a victim of rape harangued and punished, because, don’t you understand, the rape victim is the perpetrator!
      McDermott is typical of the “spoiled brat” mentally of the left. He’s never started his own business.
      He doesn’t have a clue what it means to be responsible and held accountable for business and charitable organizations.
      His hatred of responsible patriots is one of the primary reasons why the IRS behaved the way it did.
      I call it arrogant and punishing ignorance.

    Why the HECK do anti-American radical liberal groups get the privilege to speak “whatever they want to” and organize how they choose AND acquire 503c/4 status, while conservative patriotic Americans are not allowed the same privilege? I can’t even believe that this LIBERALSAURUS would even admit something so asinine right there in front of that committee. What a moron!
    THAT IS PUBLIC EVIDENCE in and of ITSELF of liberal despotism at work in our government!!
    AND NOW IT’S ON RECORD! Thank you McDermott you old fool!

    1. stage9 I think you’re getting it wrong. People like McDermott and all the demoncraps know exactly what they’re doing and why.  That’s even more scary than thinking they’re stupid.  Believe me, they’re not.  It’s pure evil, pure socialism, pure communism.

      1. zeeshopper stage9 The stupidity is in the fact that they believe their strategy and their worldview is righteous — that secularism clothed in liberalism is as noble and as moral as religious conviction grounded in our Founder’s Creator God. That they will somehow both end up in the same place. They will not.
        They are stupid because in the face of reason and common sense they still defy truth. Anyone who fights against the God of our forefathers is a fool. And everything that follows after that — every word and every deed — becomes a stupid act in futility and self-destruction.
        They are stupid because they do not recognize their own limitations.

  28. Behold, the the Poster Boy for why we need Term Limits – Rep.  McDermott!

    1. Conservative_Hippie I know I am a relative whipper-snapper at 33 but I really wonder if anyone over 70 should be in office in Congress. They are like old roosters roosting on the top pole in the chicken house not good for much but squawking at young chickens and doing all possible so change is small if at all. Please term limits. No founding father ever dreamt of a congressman LIVING in DC for +40 years. Must come to an end!

      1. bahamianhoosier Conservative_Hippie Indiana…I’m an old guy over 70.  I have never held elected office.  I’m just a loyal American who loves his country.  Put me in Coach.  I’ll show you how a country and an organization should be run.  My credentials include putting myself through college, NO LOANS from the government.  Reaching the pinacle of positions for the company for whom I worked for over 30 years.  Retiring at age 60 and starting 5 quite successful bussiness of my own since then.  I still enjoy working every day.  Just cause we’re old doesn’t mean we’re worthless.  Now I realize that description doesn’t fit everyone…..especially those who have served over one term of maybe five years in  government service.  One term of five years of PUBLIC SERVICE, then you’re out!  PERIOD! End of subject.  No perques, no retirement…..just go back to your normal job.  But don’t give up on us old people totally, many of us still have a little spunk left.

        1. JIM737 bahamianhoosier Conservative_Hippie Ha you are very right! I guess when I said that I was thinking the career politicians who go to DC at 36 and are still there at 87 and die in office! That is a disgrace and they should be sent home. Jim I hope to see you on my ballot and you got my vote as long as your support Cruz West and yell at McLame and Moochelle for me!!

        2. bahamianhoosier JIM737 Conservative_Hippie Thanks Indy…I yell regularly at the lamebrains who have invaded the people’s house…odumba and moochella.  What a disgrace to the people’s house and to our great country.  And on mclame…all I can do is just simply shake my head.  You never what he is going to say next.  BEST!

  29. mcdermott threw his Oath of Office on the floor of the restroom long ago,
    The character and presence of those on the panel are inspirational,
    Their ability to verbalize and highlight the abuses inherent in Big Government, the bureaucratic state, has put the progressives talking points to shame

  30. ???  McDermott deserves whatever pitchforks come for him when they do.  Ryan didn’t slap him down hard enough, so far as I’m concerned.

  31. …the bottom line is when all is said and done the TRUTH shall set us all free.”
    Glory and Praise to my Lord and  Saviour Jesus Christ .

  32. Blah…..blah…….blah.  Typical crap from a democrap!!!!!!!!!!  No wonder so many people are tired of politics and are tuning-out all the junk that is coming out of Washington.

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