Jesse Jackson to black fathers: Forget teaching success, teach your children how to fight

Jesse Jackson is over in London, England pushing the black victim-hood mentality just as he does here. At Operation Black Vote headquarters in London, Jesse Jackson is asked by a man representing the “Black Fathers Support Group” in England what advice he would give black fathers so that their sons could avoid ending up in terrible predicaments that end in violence, what they feel is unjust to be sure. Instead of giving them advice on how to teach their children to succeed, he says they need to teach them how to fight.

Jackson says he used to believe in teaching success to his children, but now he’s changed his mind. Now they should be educated so that they know how to fight for jobs, justice, and healthcare. Ugh.

Below is the video and the and the transcription:

There’s no guarantee the being a black father will stop this because they’re killing black fathers too. One of the tragedies of this [garbled] is that you don’t have to be guilty to be crucified – killing the innocent. Therefore we must overwhelm them with numbers. That becomes our strength to fight back.

When I was younger I would say I wanted my children to get educated so that they wouldn’t have to go through what I’ve gone through. I’ve changed that position now. I want them to get a good education so they can have more tools with which to fight. The fight will not stop. I want them to have more tools. I want black fathers to have more tools with which to fight.

So when it’s time for Operation Black Vote to have massive registration, responsible black fathers vote to make a difference. They demonstrate. They march. They fight back.

So I say ‘fathers, teach your children how to fight for jobs and justice and healthcare using the weapons of your mind, your vote, and your marching feet.’

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