Jesse Jackson to black fathers: Forget teaching success, teach your children how to fight

Jesse Jackson is over in London, England pushing the black victim-hood mentality just as he does here. At Operation Black Vote headquarters in London, Jesse Jackson is asked by a man representing the “Black Fathers Support Group” in England what advice he would give black fathers so that their sons could avoid ending up in terrible predicaments that end in violence, what they feel is unjust to be sure. Instead of giving them advice on how to teach their children to succeed, he says they need to teach them how to fight.

Jackson says he used to believe in teaching success to his children, but now he’s changed his mind. Now they should be educated so that they know how to fight for jobs, justice, and healthcare. Ugh.

Below is the video and the and the transcription:

There’s no guarantee the being a black father will stop this because they’re killing black fathers too. One of the tragedies of this [garbled] is that you don’t have to be guilty to be crucified – killing the innocent. Therefore we must overwhelm them with numbers. That becomes our strength to fight back.

When I was younger I would say I wanted my children to get educated so that they wouldn’t have to go through what I’ve gone through. I’ve changed that position now. I want them to get a good education so they can have more tools with which to fight. The fight will not stop. I want them to have more tools. I want black fathers to have more tools with which to fight.

So when it’s time for Operation Black Vote to have massive registration, responsible black fathers vote to make a difference. They demonstrate. They march. They fight back.

So I say ‘fathers, teach your children how to fight for jobs and justice and healthcare using the weapons of your mind, your vote, and your marching feet.’

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67 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson to black fathers: Forget teaching success, teach your children how to fight

  1. Negros… they’re so funny! They should all go back to Africa where everyone has “Jobs, Justice, and Healthcare”…. all he left out was the free energy, free food and no Black on Black crime. And lets not forget the 70% illegitimate and fatherless children that we white folk force them have.

  2. Tell you what Jessie, why don’t you round up as many blacks as you can find who will follow you anywhere you take them. Then the US will provide them a country in which to live plus give them the initial start-up equipment and so forth seed for food cattle slaughter houses etc. We’ll build it all for you and you can live there, do as you want create youir own gov’t etc. But there is one caveat you never ask for assistance again from anyone in the world. Just think all your problems will be solved because whitey won’t be around. Next we can move on to the muslims and so forth.

  3. SO, if I have my facts straight, Micheal Savage cannot go to England but Captain Butt-wipe Race Monger can go?

  4. I hate when the neo-slaveholder Jackson tells to his own people not to seek prosperity, happiness and freedom, but instead to engage in violence and end up in jail.

  5. I guess good ole Jesse has finally realized that real education is wasted on the majority of Blacks so they are left only to fight for jobs they aren’t qualified for.

  6. Just another derelict dinosaur from another time trying to socially relevant but instead showing his true ignorance.

  7. What a brave new plantation style world this will be. It used to be that in America you could create wealth, now I guess you can only take it from other people. Death of the republic.

  8. It’s disgusting how he makes a living doing damage to his own race. The left spends all their time telling blacks that they are inferior, and I am appalled that anyone would do this. Not only is it not true, it’s just flat out wrong to hold political views that destroy someone else’s outlook on life.

    Lower grades to be able to play sports in some schools.
    Give them 25 points for college entry for being black, while a perfect SAT gets you 4.
    Give a group a job that they aren’t qualified to do because of quotas.
    Tell the world that it is disenfranchising the blacks to put police at the voting stations.

    The list could go on. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find these things offensive. In my opinion, this is sending the message that the black race is inferior and needs boosting to survive. I think blacks should take it as an insult. I do.

    1. I agree with your sentiment and I think you have nailed the problem on the head. They (Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, Waters et al) make Black folks think that they can’t compete in society like everyone else does and then they demand that the norms be lowered so that Black folks can compete. That is some of the worse racism that I have ever heard. I never heard the Tea Party claim that Black people can’t compete. It also keeps Black folks in need of the Government to babysit them throughout their lives. This is all for the power and greed of a few individual. A lot of folks are still “enslaved” because of it. I am sorry but I don’t see any evidence of the “Reverend” part of his name.

      1. Exactly, and the left looks at you like you’re crazy if you say they are still involved in a form of slavery. It’s a mental slavery.

        You’re damned right blacks can do just as well as whites or any race. The race is immaterial. Whites could do just as well as the Asians except we play video games instead of reading books and studying. Herman Cain is a true hero. What does the left do to him? They trash him. They say he has Stockholm Syndrome. They say the right is supporting him just so we can appear not to be racist. Bullcrap !! He is a very smart man and he has achieved as much as one could hope to in life. He ignored the crap being dished out by the left. Blacks succeed all the time, but the media doesn’t mention it. They only try to paint the country as racist. It needs to end.

        1. Herman Cain was painted across the board as lacking in intelligence by the media, Fox News included. Now we know that the left likes to ignore facts, but that was ridiculous. Herman Cain has done nothing but succeed at everything he has attempted (except for running for President). But the left wing media and Fox News have to keep it hush, hush by calling him “Pizza Man” instead of calling him a “Rocket Scientist”. Fox News had it’s own reasons, but the lefty media and idiots like Jesse Jackson, Tavis Smiley and Sharpton did it in order to further the myth that Blacks are somehow victims of an evil republican machine out to get them and can’t succeed by hard work and education … but by voting Democrat.

          1. I never really thought that Fox talked about him like he was stupid, and I felt they were calling him the pizza guy because that’s what most people will recognize him as. Not saying your’e wrong, I just didn’t see any bad depictions.

            I wish him well, and maybe he’ll be a contender down the road. He’s staying involved in politics, so maybe he’ll have time to brush up his skills and become more honed in on what’s going to be thrown at him.

            1. Bill O’Reilly’s interview was pretty rough… he poo-pooed all of Cain’s answers and acted as though nothing that he said had any credence. His interviews with Romney and Gingrich and even Barack Obama were no where near as condescending. Also, Fox News ran the suspicious sexual harassment and date rape charges consistently until he suspended his campaign and then mysteriously stopped pursuing the story (as did the Liberal Media). Of course Fox News is much more impartial than the Liberal Media at large, but it was quite obvious that they didn’t want Herman Cain as the candidate (Romney)….am I sounding a little paranoid? 😉

              1. I didn’t see the O’Reilly interview. I don’t watch him that much. I saw his interview with Obama and it was a puff piece. Michael Moore interview….another puff piece.

                As far as the sexual harrassent claims, no media is going to cover it after Cain is a non-figure any more…and they shouldn’t. Would they cover you if you harrassed someone? Obviously not. I think Fox is pretty fair. They air all the bad against everyone. I haven’t seen a lot of good things said about Romney, either. Of course, two different sets of eyes see two different things, but I don’t have a problem with the coverage.

  9. Jesse is a communist fraud from h+ll who has made millions from putting down and keeping black people. Btw, how many illegitimate kids does the pos have nowadays?

    Oh yeah, al not so sharpton is just like Jesse. Both are race baiting, racist frauds!

  10. &^%$ # *(&) [email protected]#! !#@$ %#[email protected] ^$%#!

    Pardon my Language. The disdain I have for this man is almost crippling. I despise everything he stands for (and Christ is not one of those things). He makes me nauseous. I get this visceral thing that rises up within me.

    He is Karl Marx and Snidely Whiplash. He’s the spiritual rapist of a people, the perpetuator of plantation mentality, only he fancies himself a team captain of the downtrodden, whose favorite and only speech is, remember, you are the downtrodden. Rise up, until another is downtrodden by us!

    If this puke package had an ounce of honesty, a gram of historic accuracy somewhere in his cranium, he would realize what he is trying to push. Is it a Rainbow push? That sounds pretty. Is it revolution, like the French had? That led straight to Napolean didn’t it and a lot of death and destruction?

    The poor rose up and beheaded the rich and powerful. The guillotine severed heads from bodies as the bloodlust grew, and the stench of that sickened the world. No thanks Jesse. Families of color still need to teach their kids to get an education, a real education. They still need to learn the work ethic over the victim ethic. They need to be able to see through you, and throw you to the curb. Jesse, let these people go!

    You’re nothing that resembles a soul saver or soother Jesse. There’s nothing reverend about you. The closest animal to compare with you would have to be the maggot. Somebody please, take out this trash before flies fill the air.

    Jesse, C’mere a minute.

  11. This is the same guy who stopped at the butcher for some blood to splash on his shirt before appearing for the media cameras after MLK was shot and killed. He in fact was not present at the murder scene. Some things never change.


    Video: Jesse Jackson at Cathedral, “Jesus was an Occupier”


    Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Corruption Exposed

    Jesse Jackson’s Extortion Racket

    corruption of rev. jessie jackson

    Founder and President
    Rainbow PUSH Coalition ( obama’s involvement in jackson’s corrupt organizations and show the soros connection)
    See some interesting connections

    Jesse Jackson Sr’s Role in The Housing Crisis
    By Charles Johnson / Connected to Acorn
    by Reason TV reports from the “One Nation” rally for “Jobs, Justice, and Education” on Saturday, October 2 in Washington, D.C. The event was organized by the NAACP, the AFL-CIO, the American Federation of Teachers, the Service Employees International Union, and other progressive outfits.

  13. That’s rich a hater and he’s free to go to the UK and hate meanwhile Michale Savage get’s banned because he speaks out against terrorism. Somebidy over there sure has their head up their arse. Oh brother!

  14. Jesse is the biggest codependent on earth.

    He plays the martyr and caretaker of the black race, while preaching victim-hood, racial division and nanny state socialism… all things negative to impede success in any community.

    Like a crack dealer getting his whole neighborhood addicted, his mental addicts finance his thug empire… and the Democrat party gives him kickbacks for keeping his voter turnout high, and his addicts loyal to the “Democrat Plantation.”

  15. Jesse has to keep the black man down – otherwise he’s out of a job. What better way to keep blacks outcast than to teach them to fight. “Don’t be Successful – Be a Thug!”

  16. And he calls himself a “Reverend”… False prophet doesn’t even cut it when attempting to describe this guy. In the fond words of Mark Levin: SICK!

    1. …a friendly correction. As a American who happens to be black, this nincompoop does not represent my people one iota, nor the girlfriends I’ve dated who were from another race or ethnic group, if you really get my drift.

      It is time for all of us mixed breeds to stop the nonsense of holding on to the idea of keeping things segregated on the matter of race or ethnicity that feeds into this madman/monster’s agenda. Stop it now, so we can resume dealing with more pressing issues like our damn economy! Green is the only color we should focus our undivided attention on right now and well into the future.

        1. The color of money is what I was referring to, but after spending time with friends in Frankfurt, Hannover, and Berlin, I do get your point.

              1. Merry Christmas and many blessings to you and your family in the New Year, GBW.

                I appreciate your comment about my posts and links as I do my best to back up my assertions with credible sources to corroborate my perspective. I want people to know, I’ve given a thoughtful review of the issue.

                In the PC world in which we live, people with strong opinions throw out their views as if they were factual yet when examined it seems that their opinions don’t always line up with reality and facts.

                1. Thank you ma’am, I wish you peace and happiness in the coming New Year. I would like to comment more often on my political views but am limited.I traded my free speech to a certain extent for a job that I truly enjoy.You always have the facts that i can rely on and reference if I am in the midst of a fervent discussion.Humor is often a good way to express sentiments without crossing the line and I’m naturally a jokester.If I don’t laugh at least a hundred times a day I don’t feel human.I enjoy the posts here and the camaraderie.God bless you and yours Miss Grace.

      1. Every time some politician, or supposed leader of some group refers to a race as a block of people to consider, it just ticks me off. When they say “white voters this or that”, or “black, Latino, etc., this or that” it just proves their own racism. Government does more to segregate than any of us would ever think about. The only reason it keeps going on, is because of “socialism”.

        None of the main stream candidates would argue for treating all people the same under the rule of law and with equal justice under the law. We have to have racial consideration, sex consideration, marriage consideration, economic status consideration, and whatever else they can do to divide the country.

      2. Great Point, m.

        We must not let the leftist elites manipulate us into hating one another. The elites want us to fight with each other so when all is said and done the elites can conquer us all.

  17. Too many black father’s gave up teaching their children anything a long time ago. The children have been learning for a long time how to fight in the street.

    He is trying to prepare for a race war. I have no idea where he gets the idea of “defeating them in numbers”. They are still a minority, unless they join in with the Islamists. However, Jesse is a reverend, of what, I have no idea, but it is obviously not of the Bible.

  18. Okay, Reeeverend Jackson! If it is not Ayers, Sharpton, Van Jones, or any other hoodlum, I guess you feel obligated to carry the mantle of buffoonery.

    Everyone, take a look at this recent PRNewswire article to tell me exactly where I am going wrong with this man’s statement! There is a distinct correlation between high school drop-out rates among black males and the incarceration rate among them as well in the US, in spite of the fact that recent statistics indicate a steady decline in overall crime on the national level during the past half-decade.

    People will continue to say the strangest things in order to keep their asses employed to make a buck, or in this case, a few pounds.

      1. Jessie Jackson has duped generations of black people. Instead of using his power and influence to help people, he has used it to make himself rich.

    1. Sarcastically speaking here. it would not behoove the President to lift a finger to try to reduce the incidence of incarceration among young black men since doing so would serve only to inflate the black unemployment figure above 20%.

      I ask not what Jesse, Al, Shelia, Barbara and Maxine have done for their country, having so little breath left in my allotment, but I do ask, what have these chosen leaders and organizers done for their communities?

  19. hey “rev” here’s a thought. Why don’t you teach them Jesus? You know, the whole Do unto others thing… the Love your neighbor thing, the do not return evil thing.. the turn your other cheek thing… the store up treasures in heaven thing..the do not covet, do not steal, do not kill, do not lie or bare false witness things. I mean, you are a “reverend” are you not? Or hey, here’s a novel idea… You’re supposedly a MLK guy, so how about judging a man by the content of his character thing? Ah forget it. When one has such poor character, one can not recognize good when he sees it.

    1. Listen to this fool? I couldn’t understand half of what he said.Grateful for the printed translation or I would be lost.

  20. Fortunately for the UK they have to show I.D. to vote. So no black fathers getting to vote 3-4 times using deceased peoples names. Unfortunately, the UK has already been islamicized beyond repair.

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