JESSE JACKSON: Trayvon didn’t get a jury of his peers… FOX NEWS HOST: You don’t think they were Americans?

Jesse Jackson was on with Fox News host Harris Faulkner today and she challenged him on some of his race-baiting assumptions. She started by asking him what he’s fighting exactly, given that this process of justice that we’ve all agreed to finally yielded a verdict of not guilty. Jackson responded by blaming the jury, saying that Trayvon Martin didn’t get a ‘jury of his peers’. But Faulkner interrupted him asking “you don’t think those six women were Americans?” Jackson responded that those six women don’t represent Trayvon’s ‘peers’, saying that not one male, not one black was in the jury.

Faulker didn’t let him off that easy, asking Jackson if he was then upset with the prosecution because both they and the defense picked the jury of six women. Jackson agreed and said the prosecution tried to avoid the issue of race altogether and said if Trayvon had been a young white boy, Zimmerman wouldn’t have followed him.

Ugh. There’s more below. Watch:

UPDATE: A great point by Johnny Dollar:

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