Jim Acosta continues CNN’s aggressive TRADITION of pressuring officials to do MASK MANDATES, this time in Louisiana

Jim Acosta on Saturday continued the relentless CNN tradition of pressuring government officials to institute mask mandates. It’s a continuing and aggressive agenda that the network’s anchors have pursued with such gusto you have to wonder if they just don’t feel pretty and want a reason to cover up.

Led by zealot and former head of Planned Parenthood (but I repeat myself) “Dr.” Leana Wen, the network has been pushing, begging even, on multiple fronts to get onerous Covid restrictions put back in place (For everybody but Chris Cuomo, we assume) and to mandate everything from masks to the vaccine to who knows what else.

So now we have Jim Acosta, who urges Louisiana to do mask mandates, when talking with a state health officer.

The guy’s responses are kind of fascinating. After Acosta pushes mandates on him, he says that the governor hasn’t taken anything off the table, and ominously adds that there will be “more discussions to be had” about making the current “advisory” into a mandate. But then … well just watch.

Notice that after he says the thing about more discussions he points out that they are “ahead” of CDC guidance and that they don’t have any data or even know if mask mandates will work.


Acosta, being a stupid idiot who is only there to cheerlead the loss of American liberty, doesn’t notice that and doesn’t remark on it or follow up.

If there’s one thing you can count on from CNN, it’s that they don’t follow through on things they ask liberals about.

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