Jim Acosta has ZERO questions when guest proposes gov’t keep ‘Lists’ of people with ‘indicators’ of ‘extremism’

After a Hispanic man in Texas who might have Mexican gang tattoos opened fire at a pretty white crowd at an outlet mall, the media drew the obvious conclusion that he might be a white supremacist Nazi.

To that end, Jim Acosta spoke with a guest idiot on Sunday about why the government isn’t putting people on lists over matching criteria for being an extremist.

Since we know they call all Trump voters Nazis, and treat veterans and concerned parents as domestic terror threats, it’s clear what it would take to get on one of those lists.

So maybe that explains why Acosta has ZERO questions for this goon, such as “what kind of list” or “is that a good idea” or “who decides what’s extremist.” He’s already bought in on the idea. That’s how journalism works now. You start with a left wing premise taken as truth and then argue about whether everyone is living up to it enough. You don’t question it.

CNN keeps talking about how they’ve changed. I haven’t seen the slightest evidence of that to date.


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