Jim McDermott insults Jason Mattera to avoid answering question about Obamacare premiums

Jason Mattera caught up with Congressman Jim McDermott and asked where the $2500 cut in Health Care premiums are that Obama promised with Obamacare. Jim McDermott doesn’t know, then asks Mattera if he works for the ‘cock’ brothers.


(h/t: Hotair)

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59 thoughts on “Jim McDermott insults Jason Mattera to avoid answering question about Obamacare premiums

  1. First time I’ve seen or heard about this Jason Mattera, he is good, young and knows how to put his cards on the table. McDermott refused to answer because he knows Obamacare is built on lies and deceit, and passed with $700 billion taken from medicare. ALL of our politicians are failing US, starting with the democrats and continuing with the spineless so called conservative republicans. God Help US!

  2. Just another reason to strongly dislike most politicians. Congressman McDermott isn’t affected by the ridiculous crap in obama’s health care bill so it is of no concern to him whether premiums go up, down or remain the same. He and the other fine folks in Congress are taking care of thanks to us taxpayers!!!!

  3. McDermott is a whack job and makes me embarrassed to say I live in the State of Washington. Then we have the evil lawn gnome Patty Murray. There is no hope in this State, the entire State is controlled by one county (King) which is chock full of insane people like McDermott.

  4. go get em .. put them on the spot, info highway alive and well .. pic worth thousand words / add some words truth emerges .. thanks

  5. Funny how Dems like to attempt to redirect by using vulgar language. Our family got our health insurance bill today and it leaped to $115 more per month! Odumbocare will not lower anyone’s bill…it’s going to make it sky rocket. Come on fellow conservatives…we all knew that would happen! Idiots like McDermott think they can say it isn’t so, but the proof is in my bill! No one will benefit from socialized healthcare, except for those getting the kickbacks from pushing it. Funny how the one’s pushing it also got waivers to not have to pay for it, nor utilize it. Libs are all about the hypocrisy of creating an elitist class on our dime!

  6. He knows how to pronounce it. He was purposely being crass to put Materra on the defensive. Didn’t work. The only thing he proved is he needs his mouth washed out with soap. Vile, vulgar, and clueless… about par for the course.

  7. Send little jimmy an email and demand he resign. Contact other members of his party and send them the clip, ask them if they support little jimmy and his ethics, if so then call for their resignation also. We need make life very uncomfortable for these people that do not represent us, and we need to keep the pressure on them. This guy is a low life that is contributing to the divisions in our country and dragging the whole country down.

    Make their actions into scandals that way them down and ruin their careers, hold them accountable. He made the decision to take this route in addressing the question, he decided to act in an unbecoming fashion, he should be made to suffer the consequences that go along with that decision!

    Most employers would not tolerate this interaction between an employee and a customer. We are their employers, they are our employees, it is time to remind them how is the boss!

      1. I sent him an email to little jimmy, also to Boeing and asked them how they feel about it. Boeing contributes to his campaign and so this reflects on Boeing and their community ethics. Still have to send to dnc and to the senators of the state he represents. I included the youtube video in my emails…

        If people would start making a stink we could hold some accountable, if nothing more then cause them some discomfort and make them aware they are being watched!

  8. Pretty pathetic that a congressman doesn’t even know how to pronounce Koch(coke) brothers.Speaks volumes about his intellect and that of his constituents.

          1. That’s it.Like Mark Levin asked on one of his programs,”is there heavy drinking in the Obama administration?I mean heavy,heavy drinking”? πŸ™‚

          2. THANKS ABiC…Once Again, you`ve got my 6 o`clock covered…Keep it up and I`m changin` your callsign to: AirbornefromCanada !!! That is just TOO GOOD !!! I remember the next several days were spent trying to say he was making those remarks in jest. NO WAY!! He was TOO dramatic Not to be serious about his concern. This is just plain evidence of what`s in control in DC….

                1. NOT at All in jest, but you seem to provide, in short order, reference and foundation to broad statements made in this house…hence, you`ve got our 6. Another way of saying you`ve got our back aka you protect against ambush from behind. But then, if you`re already Green, You know what I mean !! With humble respect, I yield fair Lady….

                2. I’m replying here because I can’t below. I’m always humbled really when folks tell me things like that Texas. I might kid around a lot because I’m never quite sure how to take it, but truth be told, I am always amazed and honored when so many of the people here speak so kind to me-
                  I do thank you for your sweet words. I do know that 6 O’clock is behind, and I have been told that I’ve had “some backs” before- but it’s just here, not where it really counts, although I hope that if stuff really starts happening, I will have the guts to do what I have to do to cover my family- and my family here for real.
                  My Green Beret I wear for myGB, and I always will. Mike our Marine made me an honorary Marine and I’d be proud to have the name AirbornefromCanada too. πŸ™‚ You know by now how much I love our military folks. I am blessed in so many ways- and humbled very much by the kindness and friendship by many of them.
                  Thank you brother. xxoxox

  9. They’re not very good without a script! Just let them talk for a few minutes and they show you who they really are.

  10. McDermott is an idiot. Geeze, I’m getting tired of saying that about those who are supposed to represent the people…. but then again, for those who keep on re electing these, I guess that speaks of them as well. sigh.
    Good job Jason. Keep it up!

        1. Brainstorm Alert !! Wonder if we could get some ag brothers to load some hogs onto their stock trailers and rendezvous in DC. Accidently let `em out in the streets around the White House, Capitol and Congress entrances and take their time rounding up the little critters. Muslims WON`T go where pigs have been. Could pigs be the Salvation of our Freedoms and our One Nation Under God ?? Just wishful thinkin`…or maybe Not….

  11. The “c_ck” brothers huh? Yep that’s what the peg boyz for Obama are. Nice job Jason, you made the old geez real unconfortable. And you showed him what he is: a fart in the wind. Kudos

      1. That was Bob Etheridge from North Carolina. He was washed out in the 2010 midterm wave by Renee Elmers.

  12. These *trash* that are supposed to represent us truly live in a world of their own. Ever seen a kid run around all crazy and think, “that boy needs an asswhoopin”? Congress could use some of that treatment.

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