Jimmy Fallon compares invading Ukraine to Obamacare…

Jimmy Fallon did a skit last night of a phone call between Obama and Putin on the invasion of Ukraine, and while I’ve seen funnier, I couldn’t pass up the Obamacare joke.


(h/t: Fox Nation)

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22 thoughts on “Jimmy Fallon compares invading Ukraine to Obamacare…

  1. Fallon is a lefty, but he reveals a truth that he probably doesn’t completely understand. Putin and Dear Leader are both totalitarians.

    Neither believes in individual liberty and the rule of law. Their governance depends on lies, mis-information, mis-direction and revisionism: propaganda.

    To those who reject the assertion that the democrat party is Marxist, they deny reality and are engaging in propaganda to hide their treason.

  2. I refuse to pay for cable TV! Will you join me? How do I stop the AT&T U-Verse promotional junk mail I receive every week?

  3. I have no cable so fortunately these fools don’t creep into my living room. Did they suggest that the US could punish Russia by forcing them to sign up for Obamascam? If you are watching these shows, communism will not be visible until it hits you in the head.

  4. Fallon is no Leno, he needs ratings. Don’t worry, he’s not likely to start getting his material from the conservative blogs.;-) 😉

  5. Still pretty tame. Obama is still being portrayed as the cool hipster rather than the inept, narcassistic dangerous radical that he is.

    1. Even if Obamacare did cover burns for us up here in NH, 40% of our hospitals are outside the Obamacare network.

  6. Okay, I know Fallon is a raging lib, but that Ocare joke was beautiful. Then they had Vlad drinking the whole vodka bottle.

    “So Vlad, just to recap our call, No progress was made here?”


  7. ouch—I guess the self proclaimed messiah can’t stand on water after all with his democratic friends these days. Obama is sinking!

  8. Now this is something that the RNC can use! Obama care and insane in the brain McCain! Priceless. Hilarious!

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