Joaquin Castro is now LYING about why he spread info of Trump donors!!

Man this is such brazen bull$#it. Rep. Castro must have gotten absolutely obliterated over posting the information of Trump donors on Twitter, because now he’s lying about it.

Ohhhhhh… he spread the private information of Trump donors to his rabid, extremist a-hole followers because he was CONCERNED that the donors didn’t realize they had given money to Trump. WHAT? LOL!!

Wow he must really think everyone is as blazingly stupid as his supporters are.

Especially when he LITERALLY ADMITTED that he was trying to intimidate them!!!

LOL! Kiss your [brother’s] presidential campaign goodbye, you commie [email protected]$$!!!

UPDATE: I have been upbraided, rightfully, in the comments because I mixed up the commie twins. I apologize for the error, and am looking for an intern to scapegoat.

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78 thoughts on “Joaquin Castro is now LYING about why he spread info of Trump donors!!

  1. All illegals, regardless of ethnicity, who came into our Country without permission ARE INVADERS.

    You two are Texas TOAST! Go back to your Reconquista La Raza Mama and have her wipe your tears!

  2. He just insulted his fellow Hispanics. As if they’re too stupid not to agree with him. Way to go fool!

  3. That moron’s brother never had a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming president. This stunt is backfiring big time against both of the commie Castro brothers (not to be confused with Fidel and Raul), well maybe just a little bit. In a sane world this mope would lose his seat in Congress next election, but of course in a sane district, he would never have been elected in the first place. Come on San Antonio, do the right thing, kick this a hole to the curb.

    1. Actually, confusing them with Fidel and Raul is quite easy. If they’re not blood relatives, they’re all certainly brothers in spirit.

  4. This “commie [email protected]$$” is the brother, not the candidate. Be that as it may, if the GOPe wanted to roll in the same sewer they’d doxx the people donating to Julian who’s all for open borders. One less person on their circus stage, 19 to go.

  5. I didn’t vote for trump in 2016 (wrote in ted Cruz on a NY ballot). Now I find myself praying for trump’s victory in 2020.

    1. welcome home, we all took different routes. voted for trump holding my nose but have been pleasantly surprised. love ted cruz but I now believe we needed someone that’s willing to fight dirty to deal with this scum, the media and demorats

      1. While I too am surprised by some of the good things we have obtained. I wish that Trump would be more bold in putting the Judicial branch back in its jurisdiction and refuse to comply with illegal orders.

  6. Can someone please tell me the exact definition of the word doxx or doxxing? What’s the root word?

    Update: My question has been answered

    1. Other Words from dox
      doxing or doxxing noun
      … “doxxing”—the term used for the troll harassment technique of finding and then posting a user’s sensitive personal information, including addresses, phone numbers, and even Social Security numbers.
      — Harry Bruinius, The Christian Science Monitor, 5 Feb. 2015
      First Known Use of dox
      2009, in the meaning defined above
      History and Etymology for dox
      respelling of docs, plural of DOC (“document”), verbal derivative based on earlier dropping docs, doc-dropping, etc., describing the same act

  7. I thought he deliberately avoided posting Hispanic donors. Read the names. Why is he now saying he targeted Hispanics?

    1. Because he doesn’t think logically. Just keeps talking, saying contradictory things. It is very bizarre.

  8. It was obvious that he listed the names of donors to Trump as a means of intimidation. Pure and simple.

  9. The Castro Brothers and the Squad pledge allegiance to the communist NWO but not to the United States of America. They are willing to spread hatred, division and instigate violence to destroy our country and hope, like Obama, that their ethnicity is going to protect them from scrutiny. Fortunately Julian is almost as exciting as having diarrhea and with a popularity nationwide of 1% and a 3% margin of error he should start looking for a new job. When it comes to Joaquin he is a pathetic auto-destructive useful idiot from his brother.

  10. Heh in that pic he looks transgender.
    All that is missing is earrings and a long wig.

  11. Castro, son of Maria “Rosie” Castro , co-founder of the racist, racial supremacist “La Raza Unida” (translated as “National United Race Party”) organization. That’s the way he should be presented. In any event, I blame Congress. Everyone in it, and both sides. This is clearly doxxing, and Congress has no problem with exposing peoples’ personal intel, as long as it benefits them, because they do it, all the time. In today’s political climate, doxxing, almost always, is intentional, and done to expose people to harassment, minimally, and, in some cases, physical harm, or death. The Democrats have a pattern of both, and it’s been escalating, in the past months. Castro, as stupid as he looks, knows this, full well, as does his equally mongoloid-looking brother.

    1. A nurse who was treating patients from that horrific attack in Dayton is being harassed and doxed because she took a picture with Trump.

      Again, these social media platforms need to be held accountable and you are right, I blame everyone in DC that this is even going on. Streiff at RS has been pushing on this subject and I believe it is Hawley and Cruz who are in the forefront of removing immunities to these companies which should never have been given in the first place.

    1. EVERY Hispanic I know is anti-democrat party and every black person I know (admittedly not a lot) also is anti-democrat party, even though most used to vote democrat. That is why it makes no sense that Francis O’Roarke stood any chance against Ted Cruz in 2018 here in Texas AND it is how I know that democrats are lying, cheating and stealing elections! What must be done is to expose HOW they are doing it and prevent it from happening ever again. Honestly, the democrat party is crashing and should destroy itself….should already have done so, but for ugly old anti-American fascists with god-complexes like satan-soros funding their idiocy.

    1. I have no clue. I can’t even count the number of feet they have shot. They’re like wind-up toys. They just keep going.

  12. “Kiss your presidential campaign goodbye, you commie [email protected]$$!!!”

    It’s not like a SooperMexican to mix up a Julián and a Joaquin.

    (Ha, I put Juaquin first. But I’m a gringo.)

  13. Isn’t it interesting how 8 years of a half black president created the mess America is seeing now? Even more odd is that it was orchestrated and funded by an ugly old white guy who thinks, and has as much as said, that he is God (george soros, and now his spawn too). What a messed up world. Messiah Yeshua COME QUICKLY!!

      1. Sure, but Manson is 1) dead and 2) had no wealth to buy over 100 not-for-profits to manipulate the electorate. OH, yes, forgot to include the name ~ LOL! Thanks Bob.

    1. And the more he talks, the less sense he makes. If I were him, I’d want to take a LONG vacation right about now. A real get-away. Havana is a beautiful city.

  14. But he evidently removed the obviously Latino names from the list.

    …which is possibly illegal.

    (According to Cernovich, so bears further confirmation…


    1. Thanks for confirming what I had heard. I didn’t see your comment before I wrote my comment. What a nice little twist if he is in violation of hate crime legislation. Wouldn’t that make all of our days? I know it makes mine.

  15. Comrade Castro’s little plan has backfired and so now he’s lying about it.

    Businesses on his list are seeing spectacular spikes in business, few people approve of what he did, even some MSM biggies are calling his move dangerous, donors who gave to both Trump and himself are not backing him anymore, his presidential candidate brother has been backed in a corner trying to defend him, Trump’s campaign donations have gone sky high, and he has been referred to the House
    Ethics Committee.

    Great move, idiot! Next time, remember: Do not underestimate the power of ordinary Americans!

  16. “…..because he was CONCERNED that the donors didn’t realize they had given money to Trump.”

    No, because he thinks they are STOOPID.

  17. You would think that, after seeing how these idiots keep soiling themselves this way, their comrades would get a clue and learn from their mistakes. But no, they keep on doing it, getting worse each time.

  18. Joaquin (TX representative to the US House) did the doxing. Julian (former San Antonio mayor and HUD secretary under Obama) is the one running for POTUS. Both are equally treasonous and America haters.

    1. Doesn’t it mean if you hear the whistle that you are the dog? Liberals always spout off about some dog whistle (that Trump said), but if they’re hearing it and we arent, whos the dog?

  19. I may be wrong but my understanding is that he also only gave out the names of those who weren’t Hispanics – if that is the case, that is racist in itself.

    These little evil-minded twerps are ushering in another 4 years of Trump. They really cannot get their pointy heads to fathom that their insaneness is not a “positive” in the world of normals.

    What is really blowing their mind is that they are getting this much resistance which makes them act even more insane. They are truly shocked that we haven’t fallen in line yet because they all live in this collective bubble and actually believe the lies they tell each other. They cannot tolerate any – what was that expression – talk back from the people in terms of electing such an outsider and such a crude one at that.

    1. That is correct he only gave out the names of those who were not hispanic. Now he is attempting to “shame” the hispanics who patronize the businesses that supported Trump. I guarantee he will not give this up.

      1. I still am waiting for the calls from the R’s for his resignation and I’m still hearing crickets.

        I know that there is a train of thought out there that if we keep letting them do this, that it will bury the Democrats in 2020 but this little twit is a nobody and I would tremendously enjoy to watch him being squashed like we do to pestering little bugs. I would get some real comfort to have a few of them really pay for their wickedness.

    2. The kicker of it is that apparently the protest against the owner of the Dolphins actually ended up raising more money for the Trump campaign than initially expected. Oh, how sweet it is!

  20. What’s the address and phone number of this creepy looking lefty (but aren’t they all) and his brother?

  21. This doxxing business has gotten way out of hand. There should be a law against it. And I agree, Castro is a lying bastard.

  22. Time to send him away from politics. He is showing dumb and dumber tendencies. Is he role model for his brother running for President?

  23. This is Jim Crow era tactics. Democrats invented Political Terrorism in the post Reconstruction era, perfected it until Republicans were absent from DixieCrat controlled southern states. They were two fronts. Sure they burned crosses lynched Republican agitators to set an example, but the also perfected “doxxing” letting businessmen, religious leaders, educators and the press know that certain people were not welcome because they didn’t support the county administration. It was effective being cut off from your church, loosing your job and having your mortgage called for late payments tended to make people leave the area. Which sent a big message to those who would go against the Democrats. The Democrats will stop and nothing to destroy any opposition.

    This is what Castro intended. And what the Democrats are trying to impose that the national level is the kind of Autocratic Rule that the DixieCrats used to oppress people in the southern states. The post partisan America that Obama promised is an oppressive, autocratic government that is generous only to a limited few insiders.

    1. This 74 year old black woman lived in MS during the latter stages of this era during the 50s, 60s and 70s. Yes the KKK dems used every evil tactic in the book to intimidate people black and white. I was 10 years old in 1955 when Emmitt Till whose grandfather lived about 60 miles from our town was kidnapped and murdered by the klan. Imagine the fear this instilled in us as children thinking that we would be next? The 3 civil rights workers were also murdered in another town not far away in the 60s. While marching with MLK in the 60s while in college we were terrorized by the KKK shouting and threatening us with death as they waved their guns at us as we marched. I remember the hair standing up on the back of my neck in fear. I also remember saying to myself well today they will just have to kill me because I am marching for justice. So when people say Trump is a racist i say liar because I have seen racists and racism up close and personal.

  24. Damn, that dude is creepy! Same with his bro. They look like a cross between Peter Lorre and a pit viper!

  25. Never be fooled, this son of a goat and his brother would eat monkey crap to make political points.

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