Joe Biden is creepily whispering to the press now???? – [VIDEO]

Joe Biden just held a press conference on the bipartisan deal and when asked a question, began creepily whispering to the press for some strange reason:

This has been getting a lot of reaction, because people don’t know what to think. Here’s a bit of it:

One person says that this is just something Biden does…

What this presser was about was a 1 trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure spending bill that happened a little while ago:

Here’s more from DC Examiner:

President Joe Biden announced a deal with Democratic and Republican senators on a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill after weeks of back and forth.

“We have a deal,” Biden told reporters outside the West Wing, surrounded by a group of 10 senators following infrastructure talks at the White House on Thursday. The meeting lasted 32 minutes.

“We made serious compromises on both ends,” the president said, thanking each of the senators. “They have my word, I’ll stick with what we’ve proposed, and they’ve given me their word as well.”

The deal must still pass both chambers, including the Senate, where it will face a 60-vote threshold. That means Democrats must hold all 50 of their votes, and five more GOP senators must back the legislation.

Even if the measure fails to reach Biden’s desk, he has already achieved something former President Donald Trump failed to do. Trump proposed one major infrastructure plan, but Republicans joined Democrats in immediately rejecting it.

A group of 21 senators, including 10 Republicans and 11 Democrats, has been hammering out the details of a package for several days.

A framework for the bill was reached one day earlier.

“We have a framework, and we’re going to the White House tomorrow,” Utah Sen. Mitt Romney said Wednesday evening.

Here are the names of the 10 Republican Senators who support this bill:

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