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Joe Biden let a KNOWN dangerous Somali terrorist in the country for a year before they arrested him

Because of his open border policies, Joe Biden’s DHS allowed a known and dangerous Al-Shabab Somali terrorist to roam around the country freely an entire year before they realized their error and arrested him.

Here’s the news from the New York Post:

A Somali terrorist was allowed into the country and able to operate freely for almost a year before authorities realized their error and re-arrested him.

Republican lawmakers are now demanding information from Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about what happened to the man – and whether US citizens funded any part of his journey or stay in the US.

The 27-year-old Somalian – who has so far not been identified by name – was on the watchlist as “a confirmed member of al Shabaab” involved in the use, manufacturing or transportation of explosives or firearms, but a border bungle meant he was released after initially being arrested for crossing into the country illegally in California in March 2023.

A letter from Republican lawmakers seeks to find the al-Shabaab member’s path from illegally crossing the border to Minnesota, were he was eventually re-arrested in January, and if he received any government benefits.

It also seeks to find if he took a commercial flight with US citizens to reach their state and if his travel was funded with taxpayer dollars according to the Tuesday letter, first obtained by The Post.

The letter states: “Due to Minnesota’s far distance from the border, it is not an easy task for migrants to travel to the state…

“Did the al-Shabbab terrorist travel to Minnesota with the assistance, either direct or indirect of an [Non-Governmental Organization]? If so, which NGO was responsible for transporting the individual to Minnesota?”

The terrorist organization member had initially crossed into California and been arrested by Border Patrol. However, the Terrorist Screening Center determined he was a “mismatch” to the terror watchlist leading to his release.

Nearly a year later, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) nabbed him after federal authorities made a “redetermination” and released he was associated with the Somalian militant group, designated a terror organization by the National Counterterrorism Center.

I’m sure they would say this is just a ‘mistake’, but the problem with that argument is that there wouldn’t be any mistake if they weren’t letting people in by the train load every single day. If Biden hadn’t opened the border in the first place, so that everyone in the world knew to come, including terrorists, this would have never happened. Biden is damn lucky that this Somali terrorist didn’t murder a bunch of people while free for nearly an entire year.

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