Joe Biden MOCKS reporters for trying to ask him questions [VIDEO]

As Joe Biden’s White House team was trying to rush reporters out of the room after Biden and the President of Israel had just met, reporters were trying to ask Biden questions, like they always do with every president after these meetings.

But instead of taking questions or just sitting there like a lump while the reporters were being rushed out, today Biden decided to mock reporters.


The mocking comes around the 19 second mark.

Of course Biden would say he was just having fun with reporters, joking around or something. But it really just shows his contempt for the press who are being denied access to the president once again. This happens a lot with Biden.

For example, here’s a reporter today begging the White House press secretary for a Biden press conference:

Biden rarely does press conferences and his press secretary pretends that him taking questions while getting the jab is the same thing. Pathetic.

I guess the White House is worried that Biden will look more like Fetterman did last night if they put him out for an extended period of time in front of reporters.

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