Joe Biden says ‘dream act’ illegal aliens are better Americans than the citizens are

Joe Biden is out there telling people that some of the illegal aliens amnestied by Obama [illegally and unconstitutionally] are actually better Americans than the citizens who have legal status.

I just don’t get this bizarre preference for illegal aliens. They’re people. Some of them are decent people, some of them are bad people. You don’t have to elevate them in order to advocate for amnesty, but Biden can’t help himself of course. The opposite is true as well – we don’t have to exaggerate the damage that some illegals do in order to advocate for reasonable immigration policy. The truth is enough.

I have to think that the only way in which a Democrat actually believes a DACA recipient is better than the average citizen is that they’re much more willing to support Democrats than the average citizen. I mean, I guess he’s just being honest here?

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