Joe Biden spews outrageous lies about President Trump to make himself look better [VIDEO]

When you have a terrible record to run on, the only thing left is to bash your future opponent to try and make yourself look better.

That’s exactly what Darth Biden did today, spewing outrageous lies about President Trump to try and make people forget how horrible a president he truly is:

Here are the lies he told…

You all remember what the economy was lie when I was elected, a country in a pandemic with no real plans of how to get out of it. Millions of people out of their jobs.

Families and cars, remember, backed up for literally miles waiting for a box of food to be put in their trunk because they didn’t have enough to eat.

The previous administration lost more jobs on its watch than any administration since Herbert Hoover. That’s a fact. All based on failed trickle down economics that benefit the wealthiest of Americans and hit the middle class, the working people the hardest.

First of all while we were in the midst of a pandemic, there were indeed real plans on how to get out of it. It was called vaccines, which Trump and his administration had worked to create and get to the people. And it was all done before Joe Biden ever stepped into office. It was December of 2020 when the vaccines started being used and by the time Biden took office the Trump administration had it up to a million vaccines per day.

Yes millions of people lost their jobs, but that was because of the pandemic. Literally, it was because governors in states all around the country were forcing businesses to close and people to stay home because we were trying to stop the spread of the Wuhan virus. It had nothing to do with Trump’s economic policies.

And honestly, I have NO idea what Biden is talking about when he says cars were backed up for miles waiting for a box of food to be put in their trunks. If it did happen, it would have been because of the pandemic. But I think he’s making it up out of thin air, like he does with so much.

Again, the job losses had nothing to do with trickle down economics. That’s a bold-faced lie and he knows it. It was all because of the pandemic and the authoritarian policies governors put forth in their states to stop the spread.

It’s been said before, but Biden is nothing but a two-bit pathological liar who is so desperate to be liked that he’s rewriting history.

But Americans aren’t stupid and there’s nothing like the constant reminder of $5 for a gallon of gas to keep them remembering that it’s Biden who has turned this country into an economic hell-hole.

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