Joe Biden’s hack Secretary of State meets with war cabinet and tries to RESTRICT Israel so they won’t be able to eliminate Hamas

Joe Biden’s hack Secretary of State Antony Blinken is pressuring Israel to end their war in Gaza without asking them to actually end it.

According to new reports, Blinken told Israel that the longer this war goes on in Gaza, the greater the international pressure will grow to stop the war.

He even suggested Israel restrict their military operation in southern Gaza in such a way as to avoid more civilian casualties.

Here’s more from Axios:

Blinken met on Thursday in Jerusalem with Netanyahu and the members of his war cabinet.

The possibility of an Israeli operation in southern Gaza was a major topic of the discussion, according to two sources with direct knowledge.

One source called the discussion “a frank exchange of views” — hinting at growing disagreements between the parties on the way forward when it comes to the IDF operation in Gaza.

Two of the sources said Blinken was the one who initiated the conversation when he asked to be briefed on the Israeli military’s plans for southern Gaza and asked how long Israel thinks the military operation will continue in its current scope.

The State Department declined to comment. The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office and IDF did not respond to requests for comment.

Blinken didn’t ask Israel to stop the operation but expressed concern and said the longer the high-intensity military campaign goes on, the more international pressure will build on both the U.S. and Israel to stop it, one source said.

Blinken, in speaking to the war cabinet, asked that Israel take additional steps to make sure that a military operation in southern Gaza doesn’t lead to an even higher amount of civilian casualties, according to the three sources.

Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Halevi told Blinken that a ground operation in southern Gaza would cause fewer civilian casualties than air strikes, the three sources said.

Biden and his lackeys continue to squeeze Israel so much that, should they heed this bad advice, Israel will never accomplish what they must accomplish, which is the eradication of Hamas. And perhaps that is the point:

Israel must do whatever it takes to destroy Hamas, but they must also keep their own soldiers safe. A ground war is inevitable in southern Gaza but if Israel stops using airstrikes to pave the way for this ground war, then it will increase the death toll of their own men and women fighting this war. It is undoubtedly a tough situation, but since no one is willing to take the Palestinians in the region and since Hamas is dead set on using them as human shields, I don’t see a lot of options other than for Israel to continue, with or without the support of Biden.

And it must be said over and over that Israel takes every precaution before they attack an area to warn Palestinians to flee. They do everything they can to avoid civilian casualties, which is why this entire discussion from Blinken is somewhat offensive.

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