Joe Rogan gained almost a MILLION new followers since “dorks” at Twitter agreed to Elon Musk sale

When Twitter agreed to sell to Elon Musk, there were immediate and noticeable changes that the MSM continue to pretend didn’t happen. Shadow bans were lifted. Names you haven’t seen in ages started popping back up. Bans were reversed or simply disappeared. Why? TRANSPARENCY.

They knew they were going under the microscope and had to clean up their censorship regime and quick. Which is exactly what the lib establishment is so angry.

One of those tangible effects? Joe Rogan picked up almost a million new followers. Twitter, he says, was being “curated” by “dorks.”

“It’s funny with Elon buying Twitter,” author Hotep Jesus said. “I’m happy he did — I just think the deal’s still gotta be finalized, but something changed at Twitter. I think the people that were in charge of shadow-banning and censoring must have left or something.”

“I think that’s probably very likely!” Rogan said. “Like is he — they do sell it, it’s time to clean house now. Did you see the difference in engagement?”

“I gained 700,000 Twitter followers in two weeks,” he said. And that was over a week ago.

Libs in media try every tactic in the book to prevent this kind of thing. They belittle and mock and pretend it’s news. They say build your own Twitter and then mock when people do and attempt to have those platforms marginalized and silence. There is nothing the left and the American press hate more than free speech for all.

But just one guy making Twitter open the locked doors and look what you get.

You get more freedom. Isn’t that what the Dems pretend to want? Yet they hate it.

It’s really exposing who is who don’t ya think?

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