Joe Rogan is like the Rwandan Genocide, says CNN! He’s January 6.2! And unleashing ‘LETHAL FORCES’!

“​Genocide is a worst-case scenario,” concedes CNN’s John Blake in an article about Joe Rogan that is taking the internet by storm. Published by CNN under the headline “Joe Rogan’s use of the n-word is another January 6 moment” it is a perfect distillation of the clown show that CNN has become.

Note that the concession isn’t that genocide is not a potential outcome of Joe Rogan’s podcast, but only that it’s the “worst-case scenario.” It comes after the author compares Rogan’s past instances of saying the n-word were compiled out of context and put in a video by an extreme activist group that is behind the attempted cancellation in the first place.

As you can see from the headline, Blake predictably related Rogan to January 6, which is a catch-all phrase for Democrats, the press, and progressives online to tar anything they want to tar. It’s the same as when they cry “racist” any time any person on the left is criticized, regardless of the races involved. And yes, that means the left will call a black conservative racist for criticizing a white progressive.

This article follows that insane mentality to its illogical but inevitable conclusions and was appropriate ripped to pieces by people on Twitter, not that it will make an iota of difference.

David Reaboi has the million dollar question:

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