John Bolton ACCUSES Brennan of ABUSING his clearance

In this long and wide-ranging interview, John Bolton tries to answer as little as possible, and succeeds pretty well.

The opening question is about Brennan’s clearance why it was revoked. Bolton says that Brennan was clearly abusing his privilege.

Watch below:

Bolton ironically admits that he was accused by a senior State Department official in the Bush administration of the same thing he’s accusing Brennan of. But when asked how Brennan abused it or how he knows that, he says that he doesn’t know of any specific instance, and that he’s heard from officials about the claim. Then he says that he MUST have abused his clearance because he would not have criticized the president without some classified knowledge. Now this is very odd – if Trump had done nothing wrong, then there’s no classified information that would lead Brennan to criticize him. If he did nothing wrong and there’s not classified proof of it, then why would Brennan need access to intel that isn’t there to criticize Trump? Very odd.

He makes similar claims to justify Trump’s accusation that FOUR different countries are trying to interfere in our elections. He can’t give any specific evidence, and doesn’t admit he’s seen any, but assures us there’s a vague threat somewhere. I think we can chalk this all up to Bolton being generally hostile to the mainstream media and not wanting to give up any information at all. Also, #MAGA!!

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