John Bolton confronted PUTIN about election meddling – here’s how Putin RESPONDED…

John Bolton, the National Security Advisor to Trump, spoke about his meeting with Vladimir Putin and what he said when he was confronted with accusations of election meddling.

Watch below at about the 2:50 minute:

This is very interesting. Bolton says that Putin denies that the Russian government had anything to do with the meddling, but he makes it clear that Bolton believes this leaves open the possibility that private Russian agents might have meddled. And only the most naive person could believe that would happen without Putin’s involvement.

At least Bolton put Vladimir on notice about meddling in this upcoming election. But I wonder how much power he has to actually enforce that, or if its wishful thinking.

I mean, this guy seems to think there was no meddling at all:

And his opinion is kinda important.

Another important point here is Bolton estimating that North Korea could be denuclearized within a year – IF they cooperate with full disclosure. BUT he doesn’t comment on a report that they’ve already resumed and improved their nuclear capabilities – if they’re not denying it, there might be some truth to it.

Oh and get ready for Trump to cave on Crimea.

Notice also, when pressed about Assad, Bolton says Assad isn’t the issue, IRAN is the issue. Basically, we’ve given up on making this war criminal pay for his crimes. Yay #MAGA!!

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