John Bolton explains why a preemptive strike against N. Korea MUST be on the table… [VIDEO]

This is a short clip from Fox Business where John Bolton is explaining why he believes a preemptive strike on N. Korea must be on the table:

Once again Bolton makes more sense than most when it comes to the threat of N. Korea. First, he does acknowledges the problem of S. Korea when it comes to a preemptive strike. It’s a real problem that I’m sure military planners are trying to take into account. But he’s right that if we don’t strike them, then we must live under the continued and permanent threat of a very unpredictable and dangerous regime.

Do we want to live like the Israelis live under threat from Hamas? Do we want to build bomb shelters for us to run and hide every time N. Korea has a missile on the launching pad? I know that sounds extreme, but that’s essentially what Bolton is talking about here. After all, Hamas doesn’t have nukes. N. Korea does.

I don’t know how you overcome that problem that the proximity of S. Korea represents, except perhaps by overwhelming force all at once. And I’m not even sure that would work. But maybe that’s what Trump meant when he sent his warning the other day.

Either way, N. Korea has become a problem that I fear has no peaceful solution.

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