John Bolton on the greatest misconception that Democrats have about Republicans

When John Bolton was asked the question of what he thought was the greatest misconception that Democrats have about Republicans, I honestly didn’t expect such a brilliantly deep answer. I guess I’ve gotten used to fluff. But Bolton hit it out of the park and I just had to start the day with it:

“The core misimpression is that a fundamental belief in liberty and it’s implications is somehow cruel and uncaring. When in fact, liberty is absolutely central to the most massive economic change in the history of the world that has brought more concrete material advantages to people in the last few hundred years than in millennia before that. And that understanding liberty means you have to value the possibility of failure as well as the possibility of success. Because if you don’t have failure as an option, you’ll never have success as an option.

It’s not lack of compassion that drives many Republican policy preferences, it’s a belief in the inherent importance of individual self-worth and not being dependent on external factors like the government.”

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