John Bolton To Judge Jeanine: Where Was Hillary Clinton? Her Post Was Attacked, Her People Were Killed …

Last night on Fox News, former Ambassador John Bolton spoke with Judge Jeanine about Benghazi. He has what he calls a “critical” question: Where was Hillary Clinton?

“This really poses I think a critical point. Where was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on those five talk shows? This was her post that was attacked, her people that were killed, she was out there issuing a press release while the attack was going on blaming it on the video. She was there at Andrews Air Force Base, blaming it on the video, and yet two days later she can’t go on the Sunday talk shows? There’s a story there.”

There is absolutely a story there, and a truly inquisitive press would be pursuing it instead of playing along with the Obama administration acting as if this is all inconsequential. Democrats are being despicably dismissive about Benghazi and the press is not holding them accountable. It’s a predictable and disgusting reality.

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