John Fetterman gives the DUMBEST excuse on why he won’t debate Dr. Oz

Last night John Fetterman was on MSNBC and was asked why he turned down debating Dr. Oz.

Fetterman responded with the dumbest excuse I’ve heard in this campaign cycle:

He claims he won’t debate Dr. Oz because Oz is ignoring the condition of his campaign or something. Seriously. What does that have to do with anything?

Fetterman says he’d be willing to discuss a debate with Oz if Oz were serious about it. Um, what? That makes zero sense.

He clearly doesn’t want to get embarrassed by all the radical stuff he’s said in the months and years past. There’s so much of it that Dr. Oz could spend the entire debate reciting it all.

In fact he did a little of it today on Twitter:

In fact Fetterman said exactly what Oz attributes to him, that he wants to release 1/3 of the PA prison population:

Lastly, Dr. Oz smacked Fetterman this morning after he was begging for more funds from voters:

Exit question: Why is Stephanie Rhule trying to look like Rachel Maddow????

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