Jon Stewart: We shouldn’t fear Islam any more than Christianity

Stewart is basically trying to point out hypocrisy of Christians, and others, who worry about more mosques being built in America. Let me be the first to say that if Islam really taught love and peace for all people, like Christianity, and would be content under our US constitution, like Christianity, I wouldn’t care. But we know that’s not the case. Islam is a radical religion created by a radical man.

It’s clear that Stewart doesn’t have a clue about Islam as he equivocates it with Christianity in terms of propagation. Christians do go out into the world to build churches and bring people to Christ, but we only seek the individual. We aren’t trying to impose a legal system that will control citizens (ie Iran) and ban speech or other things not allowed for in Islam. Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist who has converted to Christianity, has even said that Islam is duping the world by masquerading as a religion, when it’s really a framework of laws intent on world domination. Yeah, I know that sounds an awful lot like ‘Pinky and the Brain’, but it’s true.

Look at what is happening in Turkey. It has slowly come under the influence of Islam at the government level, so much so that now it is an enemy of Israel. Remember the flotilla incident? Yes, Turkey’s conversion didn’t just happen overnight, and from what I understand, it was a very peaceful movement.

So if that is what Jon Stewart wants for the US, then by all means he should say so. Otherwise he should shut his pie hole when pontificating about things he doesn’t understand.

UPDATE: Something that escaped me last night, that is ironically relevant, is that Stewart should have included Comedy Central in its ‘list of hypocrites’ seeing as how they seem to fear Islam much more than Christianity. Remember this?

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